Sutcliffe Jügend

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Sutcliffe Jügend
Origin London, England
Genres Power electronics
Years active 1982–mid-1980s
Labels RRRecords
Death Factory
Hospital Productions
Associated acts Whitehouse
Members Kevin Tomkins
Paul Taylor

Sutcliffe Jügend is an English power electronics band, which began in early 1982 as a sub-project of Kevin Tomkins' main band, Whitehouse, and instantly gained notoriety as one of the harshest groups of the original power electronics scene.


The band formed in 1982 but soon took a hiatus in the mid-1980s which lasted until 1995, at which point the band restarted full-time. They are still performing today. The first live appearance by Sutcliffe Jügend was at the Red Rose, London, on 27 August 2005. The show was filmed for Redemption TV in the UK. A CD of the performance entitled Live Assault 01 is available on RRRecords.

The band released a boxed set of ten cassettes titled We Spit on Their Graves in 1982 on Come Organisation, which was then bootlegged into a ten-vinyl LP boxed set later on, both of which now change hands for large sums.

They are named after serial killer Peter Sutcliffe and the Hitler Youth ('Hitler Jugend' in German).

The band have many songs which reference serial killers and extreme sexual violence.


  • Kevin Tomkins – vocals, synths/effects, guitar
  • Paul Taylor – EDP Wasp synth


Studio and live albums[edit]

  • Campaign (1982), Come Organisation
  • We Spit on Their Graves 10-cassette box set (1982), Come Organisation
  • Sutcliffe Jügend (1994), Susan Lawly
  • Death Mask (1995), Freek Records
  • When Pornography Is No Longer Enough (1998), Death Factory
  • The Victim as Beauty (1999), Death Factory
  • Live Assault 01 (2006), RRRecords
  • This Is the Truth (2007), Ground Fault Recordings / Hospital Productions
  • Pigdaddy (2008), Cold Spring
  • The Fall of Nature (2008), Hospital Productions
  • With Extreme Prejudice (2011), Cold Spring
  • Blue Rabbit (2012), Crucial Blast
  • Pursuit of Pleasure Gatefold LP (2012), 4iB Records
  • Sans palatine uvula with Junko (2013), 4iB Records

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • XI (2001), Death Factory
  • Transgression (2007), Dogma Chase


  • Studio Aktion, Susan Lawly


  • We Spit on Their Graves (1997), Cold Spring Records

Compilation appearances[edit]

  • Neuengamme (1982), Broken Flag
  • Rising from the Red Sand (Volume One) (1982), Third Mind
  • White Power (1982), Iphar
  • Axis Sally (1983), Broken Flag
  • Crimes (1983), Iphar
  • Hate's Our Belief (1987), Strength Through Joy

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