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Sutherland Cup during 2015 GOJHL finals.

The Sutherland Cup is the ice hockey Ontario Junior "B" Provincial Championship trophy. The trophy was first awarded in 1934, and named in honour of former OHA and CAHA president, James T. Sutherland.[1]

The Sutherland Cup is now the championship trophy of the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League. Until 2007, the Cup served as an interleague provincial championship. From 1976 until 1978, as many as eight leagues competed for the Sutherland Cup in a massive playdown structure that took months to complete.

There is no National Championship for Junior B hockey in Canada, similar championships are held in Western Canada (Keystone Cup), Quebec (Coupe Dodge), Eastern Ontario (Barkley Cup), and Atlantic Canada (Don Johnson Memorial Cup)—leaving five teams at the end of each year with a shared claim to being the best Junior B team in Canada.

Competing leagues[edit]

Past competing leagues[edit]

  • a.k.a. Southwestern Junior B Hockey League (SJBHL) 1973–1974
  • a.k.a. Waterloo-Wellington Junior B Hockey League (WWJHL) 1974–1977

Sutherland Cup Champions[edit]

Early Groupings (1933–1950)
Year Champion Finalist Semifinalist(s)
1934 St. Michael's Buzzers (Gr 5) Preston Riverside (Gr 8) Hagersville (Gr 10), Peterborough (Gr 2)
1935 Barrie Colts St. Michael's Buzzers Niagara Falls, Peterborough
1936 St. Michael's Buzzers Guelph Maple Leafs Assumption, Kingston
1937 Northern Vocational Barrie Colts Guelph, Niagara Falls
1938 Kingston Indians (Gr 1) Barrie Colts (Gr 15) Brantford (Gr 11), Northern (Gr 5)
1939 Niagara Falls Good Cheer (Gr 5) Kitchener Greenshirts (Gr 6) Oshawa (Gr 2), Runnymede (Gr 3)
1940 Waterloo Siskins Owen Sound Greys Aurora Bears (Gr 5)
1941 Brantford Lions (Gr 5) Oshawa Bees (Gr 3) Owen Sound (Gr 8), St. Catharines (Gr 6)
1942 Stratford Canadians (Gr 5) Hamilton Aerovox (Gr 4) Owen Sound (Gr 7), U of Toronto (Gr 3)
1943 Port Colborne Recreationists Milton Tigers (TGr) U of Toronto (PSG), Windsor
1944 De La Salle Academy Barrie Colts Kingston, Kitchener
1945 St. Michael's Buzzers (PSG) Stratford Kroehlers (Gr 9) Oshawa, Windsor
1946 De La Salle Academy (Gr 3) Kitchener Greenshirts (Gr 5) Scarborough (Gr 2), Waterloo (Gr 6)
1947 De La Salle Academy (TGr3) Hamilton Aerovox (Gr 6) Port Colborne (Gr 8), Toronto (TGr2)
1948 Hamilton Aerovox (Gr 7) St. Michael's Buzzers (TGr4) Upper Canada College (TGr5)
1949 Kitchener Greenshirts (CGr) Upper Canada College (PSG) North Toronto (TGr2), Toronto (TGr1)
1950 Barrie Colts (GB) Guelph Biltmores (WGr) Toronto Carwill Transport (T)
Formation of Leagues (1950–1969)
Year Champion Finalist Semifinalist(s)
1951 Sarnia Jr. Sailors (W) Weston Dukes (Met) Kingston (E), Kitchener (WGr)
1952 Weston Dukes (Met) Waterloo Siskins (WGr) Belleville (E), Hamilton (ND)
1953 Weston Dukes (Met) Waterloo Siskins (WGr) Belleville (E), Seaforth (W)
1954 Waterloo Siskins (WGr) Weston Dukes (Met) Kingston Vics (E)
1955 Woodstock Warriors (C) Woodbridge Dodgers (Met) Peterborough (E), Seaforth (W)
1956 Waterloo Siskins (C) Brampton Regents (Met) Kingston Vics (E)
1957 Dixie Beehives (Met) Sarnia Legionnaires (W) Burlington (C), Peterborough (E)
1958 Sarnia Legionnaires (W) Lakeshore Bruins (Met) Burlington (C), Peterborough (E)
1959 Sarnia Legionnaires (W) Aurora Bears (Met) St. Catharines (ND), Waterloo (C)
1960 Waterloo Siskins (C) Toronto Marlboros (Met) Chatham (BC), Peterborough (E)
1961 St. Michael's Buzzers (Met) Owen Sound Greys (C) Peterborough (E), St. Marys
1962 Waterloo Siskins (C) St. Thomas Barons (W) Belleville (E), Chatham (BC)
1963 St. Marys Lincolns (W) Kingston Frontenacs (E) Burlington (ND), Detroit (BC)
1964 Waterloo Siskins (C) Weston Dodgers (Met) Kingston (E), London (W)
1965 Kitchener Greenshirts (C) Etobicoke Indians (Met) Hamilton (ND), London (W)
1966 Sarnia Legionnaires (W) Westclair York Steelers (Met) Hamilton (ND), Oshawa (E)
1967 Kitchener Greenshirts (C) Dixie Beehives (Met) Peterborough (E), Stamford (ND)
1968 Sarnia Legionnaires (W) Markham Seal-A-Wax (Met) Oshawa (E), St. Marys (C)
1969 Markham Seal-A-Wax (Met) Strathroy Rockets (C) Hamilton (ND), Oshawa (E)
League Expansion Era (1969–1979)
Year Champion Finalist Semi-finalist(s)
1970 Dixie Beehives (Met) Hamilton Mountain Bees (ND) Kingston (E), Stratford (WO)
1971 Dixie Beehives (Met) Hamilton Mountain Bees (ND) Peterborough (E), Petrolia (BC)
1972 Markham Waxers (Met) St. Marys Lincolns (WO) Peterborough (E), St. Catharines (ND)
1973 Sarnia Bees (WO) Toronto Nationals (Met) Hamilton (ND), Owen Sound (MO)
1974 Hamilton Red Wings (ND) Bramalea Blues (Met) Owen Sound (MO), Sarnia (WO)
1975 Bramalea Blues (Met) Oakville Blades (C) Hamilton (GH), Waterloo (WW)
1976 St. Marys Lincolns (WO) Collingwood Blues (MO) Belleville (Met), Streetsville (C)
1977 Stratford Cullitons (WW) Streetsville Derbys (C) St. Catharines (GH), Seneca (Met)
1978 Stratford Cullitons (MW) Streetsville Derbys (C) Oshawa (Met), Windsor (WO)
1979 Streetsville Derbys (C) St. Catharines Falcons (GH) Oshawa (Met), Windsor (WO)
4- and 5-League Eras (1979–1993)
Year Champion Finalist Semifinalist(s)
1980 Belleville Bobcats (Met) Windsor Royals (WO) Streetsville Derbys (C)
1981 Burlington Cougars (C) Stratford Cullitons (MW) St. Catharines (GH), St. Michael's (Met)
1982 St. Michael's Buzzers (Met) Sarnia Bees (WO) Oakville Blades (C)
1983 Henry Carr Crusaders (Met) Stratford Cullitons (MW) London (WO), Streetsville (C)
1984 Waterloo Siskins (MW) Streetsville Derbys (C) Oshawa Legionaires (Met)
1985 Waterloo Siskins (MW) Bramalea Blues (Met) Barrie Colts (C)
1986 Stratford Cullitons (MW) Streetsville Derbys (C) Pickering (Met), St. Thomas (WO)
1987 St. Thomas Stars (WO) Niagara Falls Devils (GH) Burlington Cougars (C)
1988 Waterloo Siskins (MW) Bramalea Blues (Met) Barrie (C), Niagara Falls (GH)
1989 St. Michael's Buzzers (Met) Niagara Falls Devils (GH) Barrie (C), Sarnia (WO)
1990 Stratford Cullitons (MW) St. Catharines Falcons (GH) Barrie (C), Chatham (WO)
1991 Waterloo Siskins (MW) Oakville Blades (C) Chatham (WO), Welland (GH)
1992 Kitchener Dutchmen (MW) Milton Merchants (C) London (WO), St. Catharines (GH)
1993 Barrie Colts (C) Kitchener Dutchmen (MW) Hamilton (GH), Sarnia (WO)
3-League Era (1993–2007)
Year Champion Finalist RR Finalist
1994 Waterloo Siskins (MW) St. Catharines Falcons (GH) St. Marys Lincolns (WO)
1995 Stratford Cullitons (MW) St. Thomas Stars (WO) Niagara Falls Canucks (GH)
1996 Niagara Falls Canucks (GH) St. Thomas Stars (WO) Stratford Cullitons (MW)
1997 Elmira Sugar Kings (MW) St. Catharines Falcons (GH) Strathroy Rockets (WO)
1998 Niagara Falls Canucks (GH) Elmira Sugar Kings (MW) Chatham Maroons (WO)
1999 Chatham Maroons (WO) Stratford Cullitons (MW) St. Catharines Falcons (GH)
2000 Cambridge Winterhawks (MW) St. Catharines Falcons (GH) Chatham Maroons (WO)
2001 Elmira Sugar Kings (MW) Thorold Blackhawks (GH) Chatham Maroons (WO)
2002 Sarnia Blast (WO) Elmira Sugar Kings (MW) Niagara Falls Canucks (GH)
2003 Stratford Cullitons (MW) Thorold Blackhawks (GH) Petrolia Jets (WO)
2004 Stratford Cullitons (MW) Thorold Blackhawks (GH) Chatham Maroons (WO)
2005 Thorold Blackhawks (GH) Chatham Maroons (WO) Listowel Cyclones (MW)
2006 Cambridge Winterhawks (MW) Niagara Falls Canucks (GH) Chatham Maroons (WO)
2007 Cambridge Winterhawks (MW) Strathroy Rockets (WO) St. Catharines Falcons (GH)
Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League (2007–Present)
Year Champion Finalist RR Finalist
2008 Tecumseh Chiefs (WOC) Elmira Sugar Kings (MWC) Thorold Blackhawks (GHC)
2009 Brantford Eagles (MWC) Stoney Creek Warriors (GHC) Sarnia Legionnaires (WOC)
2010 LaSalle Vipers (WOC) Brantford Eagles (MWC) Stoney Creek Warriors (GHC)
2011 Elmira Sugar Kings (MWC) Niagara Falls Canucks (GHC) St. Thomas Stars (WOC)
2012 St. Catharines Falcons (GHC) Brantford Eagles (MWC) London Nationals (WOC)
2013 London Nationals (WOC) Cambridge Winter Hawks (MWC) St. Catharines Falcons (GHC)
Year Champion Finalist Semifinalist(s)
2014 Caledonia Corvairs (GHC) St. Catharines Falcons (GHC)* Leamington (WOC), Waterloo (MWC)
2015 Caledonia Corvairs (GHC) LaSalle Vipers (WOC)* Elmira (MWC), Leamington (WOC)
2016 Caledonia Corvairs (GHC) London Nationals (WOC) Stratford (MWC), Waterloo* (MWC)
2017 Elmira Sugar Kings* (MWC) London Nationals (WOC) Caledonia (GHC), Listowel (MWC)
2018 Listowel Cyclones (MWC) Caledonia Corvairs (GHC) Elmira* (MWC), London (WOC)
2019 Waterloo Siskins (MWC) London Nationals (WOC) Listowel* (MWC), Niagara Falls (GHC)
2020 & 2021 Cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak
Year Champion Finalist RR Finalist
2022 St. Catharines Falcons (GHC) Chatham Maroons (WOC) Cambridge Redhawks (MWC)
2023 Leamington Flyers (WOC) Stratford Warriors (MWC) Hamilton Kilty B's (GHC)

(*) advanced to championship round as wild card. Lost in conference final, but advanced based on superior record over the other two conference finalists.


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