Sutobasu Yarō Shō (video game)

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Sutobasu Yarō Shō (video game)
Sutobasu Yarō Shō: 3 on 3 Basketball
Cover art
Developer(s) KID
Publisher(s) B-AI[1][2]
Composer(s) Nobuyuki Shioda[3]
Platform(s) Super Famicom[4]
Release date(s)
  • JP: February 25, 1994[1]
Genre(s) Sports game (street basketball)[1]
Mode(s) Single-player

Sutobasu Yarō Shō (ストバスヤロウ将?) is a Japanese street basketball video game developed by KID for the Super Famicom, and published by B-AI in 1994.


Akashi Show making a hook shot.

The game is based on the manga series Sutobasu Yarō Shō by Kōji Kōsaka, which was serialized in the magazine Monthly Shōnen Jump.

Players compete in three-on-three street basketball (streetball) games on six different courts: Square, Gym, Roof, Shovel, Slum, and Car.[5] The game is set in the Southeastern United States.

In the "Street cup" mode, the player controls the Jumps team—Kida Taro, Nagaoka Kyosuke and Akashi Show—who compete against five other teams.[6]

In the Options mode the player can read the team members' statistics and some of the rules of streetball.

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