Sutomo School

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Sutomo School
Perguruan Sutomo
so͘e tong tiòng ha̍k
Type Private School
Established 25 February 1926
Session single session

Sutomo School is the name of a group of private schools in Medan, Indonesia, managed Sutomo Education Foundation. This school includes Sutomo 1 consisting of play group, kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school, and Sutomo 2 which consists of kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school. Between them, Sutomo 1 is a school that is more dominant and widely known.

Play group, kindergarten, and elementary school of Sutomo 1 located at Jalan Jambi, Medan meanwhile junior and senior high school located in Jalan Letkol Martinus Lubis, Medan City. Sutomo 2 is located entirely in Pulo Brayan, West Medan.

More than 15 thousand students studying in Sutomo School. Majority of the students are people of Chinese descent (about 80%),[1] while representing 40% of Chinese ethnic composition teacher.


The Early name of Sutomo School was Sutung School (蘇東; "East Sumatra"), established in 1926. On 25 February 1958 the name of the school was changed to Sutomo School in conjunction with the establishment of Sutomo Education Foundation by Soo Lean Toii, Oei Moh Toan, and Hadi Kusuma (Khoo Peng Huat). Initially Sutomo School only provide education in elementary school through high school. Kindergarten was introduced in 1964 while play group was started in 1992.

Initially all the education activities occupies at Jalan Martinus Lubis, but the 1978 kindergarten and elementary school activities moved to a new building at Jalan Jambi. Plans to move the school to Jalan Pancing in Medan Tembung not be realized due to financial crisis that hit Indonesia in the middle of 1990. Since about the year 2004 it has begun the constructing of new buildings on Junior/Senior High School of Sutomo 1.

In 1982 The Sutomo 2 was built on Jalan Yos Sudarso, and the Old Sutomo School building named as Sutomo 1

Curriculum and education system[edit]

Since 1995/96, it has opened The "Plus Class" (superior class) which aims to accommodate the most outstanding students, in which the presentation of course material more quickly than the regular class. In 2001 Sutomo SHS first granted permission by the Director General of Education to open an accelerated class where the high school education can be completed within a period of 2 years which has removed this year (2015).