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Sutorina (pronounced [sûtɔrina]) is a village and a river in southwestern Montenegro.

The village is located near the border with Croatia, some three kilometers northwest of the Adriatic Sea in Igalo.

The surrounding region, including a short stretch of the Adriatic coast, was named after the little vale of the river Sutorina west of Herceg Novi.

Location of Sutorina.

The 5 nmi (9.3 km; 5.8 mi) long coast on the west side of the entrance to the Boka Kotorska, from Cape Kobila to Igalo, known generally as Sutorina, includes the Sutorina valley including 6 towns and villages: Igalo, Sutorina, Sušćepan, Prijevor, Ratiševina and Kruševice, an area of 75 km².[citation needed]

The territory is disputed by Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sutorina was part of Bosnia and Herzegovina within Austria-Hungary and Yugoslavia between 1878 and the early 1950s when it became part of SR Montenegro. Circumstances of this transfer are under dispute today, see Sutorina dispute.

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Coordinates: 42°26′54″N 18°30′14″E / 42.44833°N 18.50389°E / 42.44833; 18.50389