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Sutter Kain
Background information
Birth name Robert Evans
Also known as DJ Bless, Sutter Kain, Suicide Kingz, Sutter Kain aka DJ Bless
Origin South Jamaica, Queens, New York City
Genres East Coast hip hop, Rap Metal, Hardcore Rap, Horrorcore[citation needed]
Occupation(s) Musician, Hip hop producer
Instruments Akai MPC
Years active 2003–present
Labels Never So Deep Records
Associated acts Donnie Darko, Agency, Sabotawj, Jim Snooka, Hue Hef, Insane Poetry

Robert Evans, better known by his stage names Sutter Kain and DJ Bless, is an American rapper and producer from Queens, New York. His productions range from traditional East Coast hip hop to ghetto metal, a style that samples metalcore. The name Sutter Kain is based on the character Sutter Cane from the 1995 horror film In the Mouth of Madness. He is the founder and owner of Never So Deep Records.


Evans grew up in Rochdale Village, a housing development in South Jamaica, Queens, in New York City. He pursued music with his initial goal to become a battle DJ.[1] He eventually left New York City and moved to the Carolinas.[how?]

In 2002, at the age of 18, Evans landed his first recording and distribution deal with MCA Records.[2] In 2003, when MCA was merged into Geffen Records, he parted ways and focused on his own record label, Never So Deep Records.[citation needed] He restructured the business to control aspects of the label including music/video production, marketing, promotions, and distribution. Realizing that technology could play a major role in positioning his company, he took advantage of online distribution and social networking.[citation needed]

As DJ Bless, Evans has showcased his production skills with producers Kanye West, Scott Storch, Sean Combs, Swizz Beatz, Sha Money, Rick Rubin, Havoc, and R. Kelly.[2] He produced the track "Tha Beehive" on Lil' Kim's album La Bella Mafia. In 2004–2005, he did high-profile remixes of Mystikal's "Pussy Pop", Dirt Bag's "I'll Leave You Dead", and Keith Murray and the Outlaws.[2] In 2005–2006, he produced and mixed tracks on Czar-Nok's album That One Way. He produced music for the video game EA Sports Fight Night 2005. In 2008, he worked on the musical score of the docudrama Hoop Realities, which is a follow up to the documentary Hoop Dreams.[2]

Never So Deep records[edit]

Never So Deep Records (NSD Digital)
NSD Digital.jpg
Official Logo of Never So Deep Digital
Founder Robert Evans (DJ Bless)
Status Active
Distributor(s) Self-Distribution
Genre Hip hop, Ghetto Metal
Country of origin United States
Location New York / South Carolina[1]
Official website
Current Artists
  • DJ Bless aka Sutter Kain
  • Donnie Darko
Former Artists


Evans's style varies from traditional East Coast hip hop to more menacing extreme metal-based hip hop, the latter of which he calls ghetto metal and serves as the vehicle for his alter ego, Sutter Kain.[5] DJ Bless's lyrics involve love, relationships, life and problems. In contrast, Sutter Kain's lyrics focus on taboo subjects such as torture, murder, and gore.


Studio albums[edit]


Year Single Featuring credited as Notes
2009 "Hold Up" Young Vadah Sabotawj & DJ Bless [10]
2009 "Black Tar Heroin" Jim Snooka DJ Bless [11]
2009 "Death Note" --- Sutter Kain single EP is titled Beats Inspired by a Bitch[12]
2009 "As Death Takes Place" Reverend Fang Gory Donnie Darko & DJ Bless title track of Donnie Darko's album
2009 "Faceless" Jim Snooka & E-Clipse DJ Bless [13]
2009 "Slanted" --- Sabotawj & DJ Bless track from their album Dreaming Up Nightmares While The World Sleeps[14]
2009 "Shotgun Memories" NBS DJ Bless [15]
2009 "Heavy Metal Mics" Wordsmith DJ Bless [16]
2010 "South Side Story" Young Vadah DJ Bless [17]
2010 "I Made It" Young Vadah DJ Bless & Donnie Darko [18]
2010 "Natural Born Spitters" NBS DJ Bless [19]
2010 "Hammertime" Jim Snooka DJ Bless [20]
2010 "Backstage Madness" Dwight Anderson & Jim Snooka DJ Bless [21]
2010 "Trails of Blood" Donnie Darko Sutter Kain [22]
2011 "Loser 9" --- Sutter Kain & Darko found on Sutter Kain's A Co-Dependent's Playlist[23] and Darko's Emotional Disorder albums[24] also subtitled The Final Chapter
2011 "Trust Issues" --- Sutter Kain & Darko [24]
2011 "U.F.O. Transmission" --- Sutter Kain & Darko
2011 L.O.V.E. (Life's Obsessive Violent Emotions) --- Sutter Kain
2011 "Where I Belong" Donnie Darko Sutter Kain [25][26]
2012 "Winter Music Pt. 4" Darko & Mr. Grimm Sutter Kain [27]
2012 "Traitor" Naymez & Donnie Darko Sutter Kain [28]
2012 "Y'all Ain't Kill Me Yet Donnie Darko & Persia Sutter Kain [29]
2012 "Alien Abduction" Darko Sutter Kain [30]
2012 "Shoot Her in the Face" (Ghetto Metal King) Rev Fang Gory & Insane Poetry Sutter Kain [31]
2013 "Keep Breathing" --- Sutter Kain [26]


Sutter Kain and Donnie Darko[edit]


Evans teamed up with Swan The Truth to form the duo Agency, which released two albums:

  • Dayz of Our Lives (2005)
  • Real Life Isn't as Dope as the Movies (2006)

Never So Deep artists[edit]

  • Pain by Infinity the Ghetto Child (2002)
  • Tha Carolina Spokesman by Hue Hef (2006)
  • Sutter Kain Presents Cyco the Snuff Reels by Insane Poetry (2008)
  • "Help" single by Jim Snooka (2009)[37]
  • The Gospels of Reverend Wallace by Jim Snooka (2009)[38]
  • Dreaming Up Nightmares While the World Sleeps by Sabotawj (2010)
  • Runaway Train of Thought EP by McNastee (2012)[39]
  • Pity Party Rockers EP by McNastee (2012)

Other collaborations[edit]


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