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For the school of the same name, a few km away, in Sutton, see Sutton Park School. For the urban park of the same name, one of the three largest in Europe, see Sutton Park.

Sutton Park is one of the constituent residential areas which make up the district of Bayside (Irish: Cois Bá), a suburb on the shores of Dublin Bay, Ireland. Comprising multiple roads named "Sutton Park", as well as Sutton Lawns, Downs and Grove, it is located about 10 km (6 mi) from the city's centre. Built in the 1960s, it is situated between Bayside Shopping Centre, the Dublin Area Rapid Transit (DART) line and the coastal Dublin Road, with access from Bayside Boulevard, Bayside Park and one external link to the coast road,R105. This is a section of the Dublin-Howth-Holyhead-London road built by Thomas Telford in 1823.

The adjoining neighbourhoods are Sarto / Roncalli, Verbena, Alden and Bayside Boulevards North and South.

Sutton Park is located in the Howth- Malahide electoral area of Fingal County Council.

The award-winning 2007 film,32A,written and directed by Marian Quinn,was shot on location in Sutton Park and environs.

Among the residents of Sutton Park was Gerry Hickey (1945-2012), a key adviser [1991-2008] to Taoiseach Bertie Ahern during his period as FF leader and as Taoiseach. Mr Hickey played an important role in advising Government, making contributions at key moments in the Northern Ireland peace process. (Sunday Independent,5 August 2012). In his funeral eulogy, Mr Ahern described him as "one of the unsung heroes of the peace process...He was at my side, almost without interruption, until I retired as Taoiseach in May 2008." (Irish Independent,12 February 2012)

Coordinates: 53°23′25″N 6°07′38″W / 53.390378°N 6.127314°W / 53.390378; -6.127314