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Banja Vrujci.jpg
Highest point
Elevation866 m (2,841 ft) [1]
ListingMountains in Serbia
Coordinates44°07′16″N 20°10′54″E / 44.12111°N 20.18167°E / 44.12111; 20.18167Coordinates: 44°07′16″N 20°10′54″E / 44.12111°N 20.18167°E / 44.12111; 20.18167
Suvobor is located in Serbia
LocationWestern Serbia
Parent rangeDinaric Alps

Suvobor[2] (Serbian Cyrillic: Сувобор) is a mountain in central Serbia, near the town of Gornji Milanovac. Its highest peak Suvobor has an elevation of 866 m (2,841 ft) above sea level.

The northwestern part of Suvobor is called Rajac (847 m 44°07′16″N 20°10′54″E / 44.12111°N 20.18167°E / 44.12111; 20.18167) and is generally developed the best for tourism.


Suvobor and Rajac were the site of Battle of Kolubara of the World War I in December 1914. In World War II, Suvobor was a stronghold of Chetnik movement, and their leader Draža Mihailović had the main headquarters at Ravna Gora. After World War II forest rangers planted conifer trees on the naturally bare summit of the mountain.[3]

Fauna and Flora[edit]

The valleys around Suvobor are covered with young oak forests, its slopes on the other hand are covered with conifer trees. On the slopes of the mountain different animal species can be found like roe deer, hare and pheasant.[3] Vrujci spa is located on the northern slopes of Suvobor.


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