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Suwa or SUWA may refer to:


  • Suwa Province, an old Japanese province located in Tōsandō for a brief period of time, which today composes the southern part of Nagano Prefecture
  • Suwa, Nagano, a city in Nagano Prefecture, Japan
  • Suwa Shrine (disambiguation), the name of several Shinto shrines in Japan
  • Lake Suwa, a lake in the Kiso Mountains, in the central region of Nagano Prefecture, Japan
  • Suwa, a small ancient Egyptian site about 10 km south-east of Zagazig in the Nile Delta
  • Suwa, Diz, a historical Assyrian hamlet in Hakkari, Turkey



Fictional characters[edit]

  • Amaki Suwa, Goshiki Suwa, and Masuzu Suwa, fictional characters from the Strike Witches franchise


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