Suwannee Limestone

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Suwannee Limestone
Stratigraphic range: Oligocene
Type Geological formation
Underlies Hawthorn Group-Arcadia Formation
Overlies Ocala Limestone
Thickness 160 feet
Primary Limestone
Region North Florida
Country  United States
Extent Leon to Hamilton to Taylor counties
Type section
Named for Suwannee River
Named by C.W. Cooke and W.C. Mansfield
Location of Suwannee Formation in red.

The Suwannee Limestone is an Early Oligocene geologic formation of exposed limestones in North Florida, United States.


Period: Paleogene
Epoch: Early Oligocene
Faunal stage: Rupelian ~33.9 to ~23 mya, calculates to a period of approximately 16.9 million years


Suwannee Limestone is found in the peninsula carbonate outcroppings on the northwestern, northeastern and southwestern flanks of the Ocala Platform. However, Suwannee Limestone is not present on an area known as Orange Island on the eastern side of the Ocala Platform due to erosion, nondeposition or both.[1] This limestone is present in southeastern Leon, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor, Lafayette counties as well as Hamilton along the upper Suwannee River basin, and southward into Suwannee County, Florida.

Early Oligocene Suwannee Limestone was recognized in the northwestern peninsula by P. F. Huddleston in 1993 as a triple subdivision of Suwannee Limestone, Ellaville Limestone, and Suwannacoochee Dolostone.[2]


Suwannee Limestone consists of a white to cream, poorly to well hardened, fossil rich, vuggy to moldic grainstone and packstone. The dolomitized parts of the Suwannee Limestone are gray, tan, light brown to moderate brown, moderately to well indurated (hard), finely to coarsely crystalline, dolostone with limited occurrences of fossil-bearing beds. Limestone in silicate form is common in Suwannee Limestone.[3][4]


The Suwannee Limestone overlies the Ocala Limestone and forms part of the intermediate confining unit/aquifer system. (USGS)



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