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Suzan Pitt is an American film animator and painter, whose surreal, psychological animated films and paintings have been acclaimed and exhibited worldwide. She teaches with the Experimental Animation program at California Institute of the Arts.


While studying painting, Pitt came across the field of animation when using an 8mm camera in 1971.

Her film Asparagus was screened with David Lynch's Eraserhead for two years on the midnight movie circuit.

Pitt has worked as a film producer for various animated projects, as well as designing the first two operas to include animated images for the stage (Damnation of Faust and The Magic Flute) in Germany. In addition, she created large multimedia shows at the Venice Biennale and Harvard University.

A former associate professor at Harvard University, Pitt has received a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Creative Capital Moving Image Award,[1] a Rockefeller Fellowship, and three production grants from the National Endowment of the Arts. She lives in Los Angeles, Mexico, and a remote cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


The Academy Film Archive has preserved several of Pitt's films, including Asparagus, Joy Street, Whitney Commercial, Bowl, Garden, Theatre, Marble Game, and Crocus.[2]


  • Bowl, Garden, Theatre, Marble Game – 1970 (16mm, color, 7 min.)
  • Crocus – 1971 (16mm, color, 7 min.)
  • A City Trip – 1972 (16mm, color, 3 min.)
  • Cels – 1972 (16mm, color, 6 min.)
  • Whitney Commercial – 1973 (16mm, color, 3 min.)
  • Jefferson Circus Songs – 1973 (16mm, color, 16 min.)
  • Asparagus – 1979 (35mm, color, 18 min.)
  • Joy Street – 1995 (35mm, color, 24 min.)
  • El Doctor – 2006 (35mm, color, 23 min.)
  • Visitation – 2011 (digital (from 16mm), b/w, 8 min 50 seconds.)
  • Pinball – 2013 (digital, color, 7 min.)


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