Suzanna Sablairolles

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Suzanna Sablairolles

Suzanna Nannette Sablairolles (13 January 1829, Middelburg – 13 January 1867, Amsterdam)[1] was a Dutch stage actress. She was active at the theatre of The Hague in 1839-1853, in Amsterdam 1853-1857 and 1859–1867 and in Rotterdam in 1857-1859.[1]

She was born to actor Jacob Henry Sablairolles (1793–1833) and costume dresser Johanna Scholten (1793–1842). She had a long term love relationship with her colleague Pierre Auguste Morin from 1851; the couple often played onstage lovers, which was much appreciated by the public. She had four children with Morin, but they did not marry. She was much popular and referred to as "The jewel of the theatre company" and the darling of the public. She died in childbirth in the middle of a successful tour and her death was much reported in the media.[2]


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