Suzanne du Plessis-Bellière

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Coat of Arms of the House of Rougé

Suzanne de Rougé, Marquise du Plessis-Belliere et de Fay les Nemours, née de Bruc de Monplaisir (c. 1605–1705) was the wife of Jacques de Rougé du Plessis-Bellière, Marquis du Plessis-Bellière, of the House of Rougé.[1]

She was one of France's most famous women of her time. She had a court of artists and statesmen around her.

She was often in opposition to the King Louis XIV, and inspired with her adventurous life some well known stories, such as Angélique. She was called Elise by Dumas in his Le Vicomte de Bragelonne. She was widowed in 1654. She was very close to Nicolas Fouquet, and it was she who organized his social engagements, not Madame Fouquet.

When Fouquet was arrested in 1661, she was kept under house arrest until 1665.


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