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Suzanne Asbury-Oliver is an American and is the only active female professional skywriter in the world.[1][2][3] Asbury-Oliver aviated for PepsiCo[4] and now has her own skywriting company, Olivers Flying Circus.[5][6] She estimates that in a typical year, she writes 500 sky messages in over 150 locations nationwide[1][2]

Early life[edit]

Asbury-Oliver was born in Forest Grove, Oregon.[7] She began flying gliders at 14. By 15, she was flew her first solo mission. [7]


At 18 she was a professional aviator and had already earned her powered-aircraft instrument rating, commercial certificate, flight instructor and instrument-flight instructor certificates, and a multiengine rating. She had become an aviation professional and begun skywriting for Pepsi in the 1980s.

She obtained an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certification.[8]


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