Suzanne Bennett

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Suzanne Bennett
Born Suzanne Evans
Died 1975
Resting place North Pole
Other names Lady Hubert Wilkins
Occupation Stage actress
Spouse(s) Hubert Wilkins

Suzanne Bennett (stage name, was born Suzanne Evans) was an Australian-born actress on Broadway in the United States. After her August 30, 1929 marriage to the celebrated explorer Sir George Hubert Wilkins, she was known as Lady Hubert Wilkins. She died in 1975, and her ashes were scattered at the North Pole from USS Bluefish on 4 May 1975, as were her husband's from USS Skate in 1959.

Ms. Bennett and her illustrious explorer husband were sufficiently famous to warrant a marriage announcement in the September 9, 1929 issue of Time Magazine. There it was reported that the famous Australian couple had wed in Cleveland, Ohio. That notice also credits Ms. Bennett with having appeared on stage in "Vanities" and "The Cyclone Lover".

The couple had met in New York during a reception honoring Wilkins after his famed flight over the Arctic Sea. The couple had no children during their twenty nine years of marriage.


Guns [Original, Play]
Performer: Suzanne Bennett [Cora Chase] -Dates: Aug 6, 1928 - Sep 1928

The Cyclone Lover [Original, Play, Comedy]
Performer: Suzanne Bennett [Katherine] -Dates: Jun 5, 1928 - Jul 1928

What Do We Know? [Original, Play]
Performer: Suzanne Bennett [Ernestine Fox] -Dates: Dec 23, 1927 - Jan 1928

Merry-Go-Round [Original, Musical, Comedy, Revue]
Performer: Suzanne Bennett -Dates: May 31, 1927 - Sep 24, 1927

Nic Nax of 1926 [Original, Musical, Revue]
Performer: Suzanne Bennett -Dates: Aug 2, 1926 - Aug 13, 1926

Port O' London [Original, Play]
Performer: Suzanne Bennett [May] Feb 9, 1926 - Mar 1926

Earl Carroll's Vanities [1925] [Original, Musical, Revue]
Performer: Suzanne Bennett [Ensemble] -Dates: Jul 6, 1925 - Dec 27, 1925

The Rat [Original, Play]
Performer: Suzanne Bennett [Mimi] -Dates: Feb 10, 1925 - May 1925

Innocent Eyes [Original, Musical, Revue]
Performer: Suzanne Bennett -Dates: May 20, 1924 - Aug 30, 1924

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