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Suzi Rawn (born August 31, 1982 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario) is a Canadian recording artist and was the fourth-place finisher in Canadian Idol season 3. She is known for her rock and blues singing style as well as her unique clothing amongst the Canadian Idol finalists. Her hometown is Kamloops, but she grew up in Ottawa and has lived in Calgary and Montreal. She has a daughter named Jolie (born on July 22, 2003).

Canadian Idol[edit]

Songs Suzi has performed this season include:

  • Audition: "Let It Rain" (Amanda Marshall)
  • Top 183: "Me and Bobby McGee" (Janis Joplin)
  • Top 48: "I Have Nothing" (Whitney Houston)
  • Top 32: "Fortunate Son" (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
  • Top 10: "Everytime I See Your Picture" (Luba) (Canadian Hits week)
  • Top 9: "Higher Ground" (Stevie Wonder week)
  • Top 8: "Heartbreaker" (Pat Benatar) (Eighties week)
  • Top 7: "Minnie the Moocher" (Big Band week)
  • Top 6: "Piece Of My Heart" (Janis Joplin) (Classic Rock week)
  • Top 5: "American Woman" (The Guess Who week)
  • Top 4: "Heartbreak Hotel", "I Can't Help Falling in Love" (Elvis week)

Rawn was in the bottom three on three different occasions until she received the lowest number of votes on August 31 and was sent home.


Rawn's major-label debut album, "Naked", was released on October 10 on Sony BMG. Sadly, her album has not gotten much promotion, disappointing many fans. The first single from the album, also called "Naked" has been released to radio stations across Canada.


On My Own (2002)[edit]

Track Listing:
1) Intro Song
2) Green Eyed Monster
3) Keep On
4) On My Own
5) Tunnel Vision
6) Joe
7) Mother Nature
8) White Sand Beach
9) Companion
10) Of Love We Speak
11) Truth Be Known
12) City Madness
13) Listen To The Rain

Naked (2006)[edit]

Track Listing
1) Bet U Like Me
2) Naked
3) Don't Come Easy
4) Overrated
5) Raw
6) Broken
7) Sorry For You
8) Understand You
9) Don't Leave Me
10) It Was You
11) I Won't Fall Apart

Singles: Naked (2006), Bet U Like Me (2007)


This album has sold approximately 950 copies.

King Size Suzi[edit]

Green Eyed Monster (2004)[edit]

Track Listing:
1) Monster
2) Truth Be Known
3) I Will Remember You
4) Colours Change
5) Can't Get Enough
6) Joe
7) On My Own
8) Green Eyed Monster
9) Built To Last
10) White Sand Beach
11) More

Because of Love (2004)[edit]

Track Listing:
1) Because Of Love
2) What You Do To Me
3) Sexface
4) Bad Dream
5) I've Been Killed
6) Get Yourself Together
7) Obvious Tension
8) Just A Fool
9) City Madness
10) In The Air (Bonus Live Track)

Because of Love II (2005)[edit]

Track Listing
1) Because Of Love
2) What You Do To Me
3) Monster
4) Bad Dream
5) I Will Remember You
6) Get Yourself Together
7) Truth Be Known
8) Just A Fool
9) Can't Get Enough
10) On My Own

Featured On[edit]

Canadian Idol 3: High Notes (2005)
Track #5: "Fortunate Son"

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