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This is a list of characters from the anime series Digimon Tamers.



Voiced by: Makoto Tsumura (Japanese); Brian Beacock (English)

Takato Matsuki, known in Japan as Takato Matsuda (松田 啓人, Matsuda Takato), is a carefree person and the main protagonist of the series. His parents run their own bakery store. He plays card games with his friends and draws his own Digimon on a paper. After finding a Blue Card, he uses it on the Digivice to create Guilmon. Learning that Digimon are mysteriously appearing in their world, Takato joins the battle. Because Guilmon was a product of his imagination, Takato appears to empathic with Guilmon and thus the two influence each other in their fights. Their bond is augmented when Takato biomerges with Guilmon into Gallantmon. Takato becomes the leader of the organization and makes a relationship with Jeri Katou.


Voiced by: Masako Nozawa (Japanese); Steven Blum (English)

Guilmon (ギルモン, Girumon) is a velociraptor Digimon with a Digital hazard symbol on his chest. He was created by Takato, who drew him and was brought to life soon after by the Blue Card which the DigiGnomes secretly placed among his card deck. Though a rookie, Guilmon originally has the mentality of a child and was unaware of the differences between humans and Digimon, often calling his partner Tamer "Takatomon", and enjoys working at the bakery. He stays in a shed of Shinjuku Park, and learns to speak normally and play with their friends.

Guilmon has a very keen sense of smell and possess somewhat of a sixth sense to detect other Digimon in the vicinity, usually going feral in earlier fights due to virus-type nature. Although he is a Rookie, he is loyal and protective. When Guilmon reverts into Gigimon as a side effect of the Red Card, he says goodbye to Takato.

  • Growlmon (グラウモン, Guraumon, Growmon) is the Digivolved form of Guilmon, an extremely powerful and large Dinosaur Digimon who uses the dragon blades on his arms, which can cut through almost anything. He appears while fighting Devidramon, though he cannot revert himself for an entire day.
  • War Growlmon (メガログラウモン, Megaroguraumon, Megalo Growmon) is Guilmon's Ultimate form, an extremely powerful Cyborg Digimon who appears while fighting against Mihiramon. In this form, he battled the Devas that follow, and later Beelzemon. He is armed with bladed Pendulum Blades and the Atomic Blaster on his chest.
  • Megidramon (メギドラモン, Megidoramon) is an alternate Mega form of Guilmon, an evil dragon Digimon, caused by Takato's anger against Beelzemon, while his D-Ark shatters. In this form, the full destructive power of the Digital Hazard is released, causing the Digital World to begin breaking up in the monster's presence as he tries to kill Beelzemon. However, absorbing Makuramon's data at the last second, Beelzemon knocks Megidramon unconscious and he reverts back to Guilin.
  • Gallantmon (デュークモン, Dyūkumon, Dukemon) is the actual Mega form of Guilmon, an Exalted Knight Digimon armed with the Gram lance and the Aegis Shield. He is introduced after Takato biomerges with Guilmon. Jeri stops Gallantmon and Beelzemon from fighting. After Dobermon's sacrifice, Gallantmon confronts the D-Reaper before receiving the ARMS "Grani" as his mode of transportation.
  • Gallantmon: Crimson Mode: After being injured by the D-Reaper, Gallantmon merges with his steed Grani and digivolves into Crimson Mode. He is incredibly powerful, able to take on the D-Reaper's agents with ease. In Runaway Locomon, Gallantmon destroys a whole army of Parasimon with one shot.

Guilmon was created by Chiaki J. Konaka, influenced by Ultraman and Kaiju films. Upon viewing the initial design sketches, he assumed that the character would be roughly the same size as Agumon. However, when he realized that Guilmon would be about the size of a human adult, he realized that "[h]e was nowhere near small enough for a child to hide in his room." Konaka realized that he could tailor the plot of Digimon Tamers to incorporate the problem.[1]


Voiced by: Mayumi Yamaguchi (Japanese); Dave Wittenberg (English)

Henry Wong, known in Japan as Li Jian-Liang (李 健良, Rī Jenrya) and nicknamed Jian (ジェン, Jen), is the third child, a Chinese resident of Japanese descent and a Tai Chi student. While playing his video game, he learns that Digimon are are living beings. He later owns Terriermon as a partner.

After using a Blue Card to create his partnership in the human world, Henry vowed to never have to make Terriermon fight again. He felt strongly that Digimon entered the human world to be companions and friends to their tamers, and not to be tools used merely for battle. However, after many situations where Terriermon is forced to digivolve and fight, Henry realizes there are many battles worth fighting. For the first half of the series, Henry was unaware of his father's connections with the Monster Makers and Hypnos. In the finale, after using the Red Card to execute Operation Doodlebug to wipe out the D-Reaper, Henry realized that using it would mean that the Digimon have to return to their world.


Voiced by: Aoi Tada (Japanese); Mona Marshall (English)

Terriermon (テリアモン, Teriamon) is a one-horned lop-eared rabbit Digimon with a laid-back personality, often using the word "Momantai" (written as 無問題 or 无问题), a Cantonese phrase meaning "take it easy/no problem". His rabbit ears allows him to use spinning attacks, such as in the move "Terrier Tornado", or to float and glide. He is also able to expel a shot of super-heated air (plasma) from his mouth, as seen when he uses his "Bunny Blast" move.

Terriermon was originally a wild Digimon living by the rules of the "survival of the fittest" doctrine in the harsh realm of the Digital World. When Henry received a Digimon video game as a present from his father, he selected Terriermon to play with, because he identified with him. When Terriermon meets Gorillamon, he goes on a rampage,before regressing back to Terriermon and losing consciousness from fatigue. A remorseful Henry uses a Blue Card to send Terriermon out from the computer to the real world. For the first half of the series, Henry hid Terriermon from his family in plain sight by making Terriermon act like a stuffed toy which his younger sister Suzie plays with. When Terriermon reverts into Gummymon as a side effect of the Red Card, he says goodbye to Henry.

  • Gargomon (ガルゴモン, Garugomon, Galgomon): Terriermon's champion form, a Beast Digimon resembling a bipedal lop-eared rabbit warrior whose forearms bear cybernetic gatling guns that he uses in his attacks, such as the move "Gargo Laser". He can also perform a powerful uppercut attack, "Bunny Pummel". Terriermon was able to become Gargomon prior to the series, yet Henry originally tried to keep him from digivolving in the human world, as Gargomon behaves erratically in this state, causing much destruction to his surroundings, as he is unable to control his "Gargo Laser" attack. Eventually, with more experience, Gargomon is able to control himself in later fights.
  • Rapidmon (ラピッドモン): Terriermon's ultimate form, a Cyborg Digimon that resembles an upright jackrabbit-like creature clad in heavy cybernetic armor, able to move at incredibly fast speeds. It uses its long armored ears as radars. Terriermon first assumes the form during the attack by the Devas Pajiramon and Vajiramon.
  • Mega Gargomon (セントガルゴモン, Sentogarugomon, Saint Galgomon): The Mega form of Terriermon, a machine Digimon whose size and heavy arsenal make him a powerful fighter. But where firepower fails, MegaGargomon benefits from his Biomerging with Henry to utilize his partner's T'ai chi Martial Arts skills in combat. Terriermon achieves the form when Henry Biomerges with him during the fight against Zhuqiaomon, though the Sovereign was far from defeated. Mega Gargomon later participated in battles with the D-Reaper, and used the Juggernaut program downloaded into Terriermon to defeat it.


Voiced by: Fumiko Orikasa (Japanese); Melissa Fahn (English)

Rika Nonaka, known in Japan as Ruki Makino (牧野 留姫, Makino Ruki), also known as "Digimon Queen", is a brave tomboy living with her mother and grandmother. She is also a Digimon card tournament player. After using a Blue Card, she owns Renamon as her partner. At first, Rika possesses a ruthless and cold demeanor, and sees Digimon as nothing more than data. She strives to make Renamon the strongest Digimon in the world. After Icedevimon's defeat, a traumatized Rika ends her partnership out of fear. However, she forgives Renamon. In Runway Locomon, it is revealed that Rika cannot sing her own song after her father abandoned the family.


Voiced by: Yuka Imai (Japanese); Mari Devon (English)

Renamon (レナモン) is a yellow fox Digimon who is very mature in both form and mentality for a Rookie level. In a fight, she uses ninja-like skills, such as vanishing from view until called and moving at fast speeds. These traits mean that, unlike Guilmon and Terriermon, she can fend for herself when Rika is at school, and never gets into trouble like Guilmon. She has no memory of her life before meeting Rika, whom she first saw as nothing more than a means to become stronger. Her initial exchanges with the other Tamers and their Digimon cause her to question this belief, and Rika's obsession with battle.

After the ordeal with IceDevimon and the two parting ways, partner and tamer begin to understand each other, and Renamon becomes more focused on protecting Rika as their partnership grows into true friendship. After the Tamers put aside their differences, Renamon comes to view Impmon as foolish and worthy of only pity, since he spends his time ridiculing the other Digimon when he could be having fun. She is thus the first to learn that Impmon once had human partners, and of his desperation to digivolve. When Renamon reverts into Viximon as a side effect of the Red Card, she says goodbye to Rika.

  • Kyubimon (キュウビモン, Kyūbimon): A Mythical Beast Digimon, Renamon's Champion level form resembling the legendary kitsune. She appears while fighting Dogukumon.
  • Taomon (タオモン): An onmyōdō-themed Majin Digimon resembling a bipedal fox sorceress. She fights with various spells and charms to harness the powers of the magical energy flowing through the universe. Taomon first appeared fighting against Vajramon.
  • Sakuyamon (サクヤモン): Renamon's mega form, an armored Shaman Digimon armed with the Vajra Khakkhara. She summons energy kudagitsune. She is introduced after Rika biomerges with Renamon, while facing the D-Reaper alone. In the finale, Justimon absorbs Sakuyamon's power, in their attempt to stop the D-Reaper.


Voiced by: Tomoko Kaneda (Japanese); Brianne Siddall (English)

A small fairy-like Holy Beast Digimon infused with the power to cause digivolution in other Digimon. He acts as a mascot for the eponymous Tamers. His Japanese name is Culumon, which comes from the Japanese word "Kurukuru", a word that describes the sound of spinning.

Conception and creation[edit]

The development team decided early on in drafting that Calumon would have a unique role and serve as a mascot. Digimon in the Japanese-language incarnation for the series often spoke with affectations and patterns resembling those of human children. This generally did not carry over to their English-language counterparts, who spoke largely the same way. Chiaki J. Konaka pushed for this not to be the case with Calumon, because of a sentiment that the character "needed to have a strong impact on the audience". Thus, Calumon's dialogue often contained the words calu or kuru—pieces of his name—at the end of sentences.[2]


Calumon's role is not that of a fighter, and his immature antics and over-expressed emotions leave little doubt about this fact. He is the only Digimon on Takato's side who had no tamer, although he does seem to have a special bond with Jeri. When Jeri was trapped inside the Kernel Sphere, Calumon enters it. He also helped her snap out of her depression and protected her from the Chaos with a barrier during the final battle. When the Tamers returned from the Digital World, Calumon chose to live with Jeri. In the beginning of the series, Calumon thinks of the Real World as a game and the humans as other Digimon. His ears, usually short, can be expanded, usually when Calumon is happy or excited, to the size shown in the picture to allow him to "fly". His forehead bears the symbol which is the polar opposite of the Digi-Hazard. Though that symbol is never formally named, it is safe to assume it can be called the Crystal Matrix. It is from the Crystal Matrix symbol that Calumon releases his power to catalyze Digivolution. In the Arabic dub, the symbol of Calumon's forehead was removed, but it is falsified.[3]


Calumon does not digivolve. When Growlmon first digivolved to WarGrowlmon, the symbol on Calumon's forehead glows and he uses "Crystal Matrix", confirming that he was in some way linked to the digivolution. Similar phenomena continued to happen throughout the Tamers' battles, and when Calumon was taken to the Digital World, it happened even more frequently, and sometimes to any Digimon that happened to be nearby. It was eventually revealed in the episode "Janyu's Ark" that Calumon was actually the manifested form of Digivolution itself, and he eventually used his power to the fullest to digivolve every Digimon in the Digital World to the final Mega level.


Calumon does not fight. He tried to invent attacks out of desperation, like "Big-noogie poke-you-in-the-eye Power Beam" and "hairy goopy blistering ball", but no avail. When the D-Reaper appears, he and Jeri are trapped in a barrier.


Digimon Tamers[edit]

The Digimon Sovereigns reveal that Calumon originated as the element of Digivolution - the realized version of "Digi-Entelechies". In order to hide this power from the re-emerging D-Reaper, they turned the power into the form of a Digimon. In the end of the series, the Sovereigns restore this power to the Digital World, but allow Calumon to continue to live as an ordinary Digimon. In the Japanese version, Calumon had a habit of saying "culu". This was removed from the English Version. However, in South-East Asia's version of the English dub (done in Singapore), Calumon keeps the habit, though it is said as "calu" instead.

Battle of Adventurers/Runaway Locomon[edit]

Calumon appears in the fifth and sixth Digimon film, but does not play a major role in either of them. He appears in Battle of Adventurers, traveling to Okinawa with Takato, joining him on vacation. He helps Renamon and Terriermon digivolve in their battles and somehow returns to Shinjuku (presumably brought by Omnimon) and warns Rika that Takato and Guilmon are in trouble and need her help. He travels back to Okinawa with Omnimon, Henry, Rika and their Digimon and causes the Tamers Digimon to digivolve to Ultimate when Gulfmon appears without a Blue Card, allowing them to destroy Gulfmon with Trinity Burst. When the group emerges from the ocean, he flies towards the camera and breaking the fourth wall says "bye" to everyone. In Runaway Locomon, he and Jeri prepare for Rika's party, they play no part in the battle against Locomon and Parasimon. When Rika leaves, he gets distracted by the pile of food.

Digimon World DS[edit]

Calumon is a helper in the DigiFarms of the game. Calumon can be added to the player's party (after completing Quest 60), but it is unable to digivolve. Calumon has a default level of 99 and scan data is given with Beelzemon's data at the near end of the game. His trait significantly boosts the EXP all of your Digimon receives after a battle, and has some of the best support moves in the game, including one that fully revives all fallen allies.


There are numerous products based on Calumon. These include plush toys, posters, even a Tamagotchi-like game where players need to look after their own pet. Calumon appeared in two albums, Asobo Culuculu and Culu Culu Culumon!, and a third and unfinished one I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.


Voiced by: Hiroki Takahashi (Japanese); Derek Stephen Prince (English)

Impmon (インプモン, Inpumon) is an imp Digimon. He insults the Tamers and their Digimon on occasion, saying that no 'self-respecting Digimon' would ever ally themselves to a human, though he makes friends. He was even prone to insult Calumon, scaring and bullying him on occasion. It is revealed that Impmon lives with Ai and Mako. When they argue, Impmon leaves them and become disdainful to humans. He resented the Tamers and their Digimon even more as the latter were able to digivolve, a power that still alluded him. This did not stop him enjoying himself occasionally with Guilmon and Calumon. Although Renamon was curious about him when she questioned her alliance with Rika, she soon came to view him with contempt, and sometimes mocked him for his foolish actions, such as preferring to watch Guilmon play with children and then grumbling about it, rather than have fun elsewhere.

After attempting to prove himself by fighting Indramon, Impmon suffers a devastating and painful defeat that crushes his ego. He accepts an offer from Chatsuramon, while heading to the Digital World: to be digivolved if he agrees to kill the Tamers and destroy their Digimon when they arrive to retrieve Calumon. Though conflicted, Impmon digivolves into the mega-level fallen angel Digimon Beelzemon (ベルゼブモン, Beruzebumon, Beelzebumon). Consumed by his new-found powers and becoming a megalomaniac, he acts on his whim to test his new abilities before attacking the Tamers. When Beelzemon inadvertently kills Leomon, a grief-stricken Jeri stops the fight, sparing him and Takato. Beelzemon wandered until he allowed some friends of the Digimon he destroyed extact their revenge on him, before reverting back into Impmon and returning to the Real World.

Taking his leave without a goodbye, Impmon forgives himself. Although he is initially convinced they have forgotten about him, he soon finds a drawing with a note saying they have gone to their grandmother's. After realizing that Ai and Mako become kind to him, The repentant Impmon fails to stop the D-Reaper. After becoming Ai and Mako's Digimon partner, Impmon reverts into Yaamon and he returns to the Digital World. In Runaway Locomon, Impmon helps Takato destroy Parasimon and attends Rika's birthday party.


Voiced by: Yoko Asada (Japanese); Bridget Hoffman, Philece Sampler (movie) (English)

Jeri Kato (Juri Katō (加藤 樹莉, Katō Juri)) is a kind and sensitive girl, and one of Takato's friends.[4] Her family happens to own a small tavern in Shibuya, where she works sometimes waitressing and even helping her father to handle drunk customers. She carries around a dog-shaped sock puppet from her half brother, which she uses to strike-up conversations with. At first glance, she seems to be a sort of perfect child because of her cheerful and happy personality. However, the death of her mother left an emotional scar on Jeri which her father cannot resolve as she could not cope having a stepmother. When Beelzemon kills Leomon, a grief-stricken Jeri is attracted and captured by the D-Reaper, who makes and uses the fake one to take her place and infiltrate among her family before revealing itself. However, thanks to Calumon's presence and Leomon's will, Jeri regains her confidence and attempts to fight her way out before Takato saves her. While Jeri realizes that humans can fulfill their destiny, she forgives Impmon.

Early pre-production notes made by Chiaki J. Konaka suggest a female character which likely would become Jeri was named Mishio who cared for her younger sister more often as her parents were workers in the red-light district.[5] In the English dub of Runaway Locomon, Philece Sampler replaced Bridget Hoffman for the voice of Jeri.


Voiced by: Hiroaki Hirata (Japanese); Paul St. Peter (English)

Leomon (レオモン, Reomon) is a leonine beast man Digimon who previously appeared in Digimon Adventure. He later becomes Jeri's partner, despite his independent task. He is killed by Beelzemon and Jeri falls into depression. However, Leomon's spirit appears inside Beelzemon, while he manages to help her regain her confidence.

Kazu and Guardromon[edit]

Kazu Shiota (Hirokazu Shiota (塩田 博和, Shiota Hirokazu)) is one of Takato's friends, calling him "chumley" in the English version. He is also a player of the DigiBattle Card Game, enjoying beating Takato and Kenta all the time. His involvement in Tamers truly started when Takato actually beat him, leaving him confused, but when Takato mentioned about real life experience, Kazu wanted to go deeper into it. This leads to him and Kenta seeing Guilmon, though they eventually got over their fear and befriended him. Secretly, Kazu wanted to be a Tamer himself and be just as good as Takato and the others. His chance came when he went to the Digital World, although he and Kenta did seem out of place as the others had Partners, he made the best of it until he did finally get a partner of his own in the name of Guardromon.

An Android type, Guardromon (ガードロモン, Gādoromon) is a protector by nature, a mechanical defense specialist who faithfully fights for justice. However, he tends to be rather foppish and frequently unlucky in his endeavors. He was originally the cyborg Digimon Andromon who attempted to liberate a village of Gekomon from the control of Orochimon, who had enslaved them to mix sake for him. By the time the Tamers under Rika arrived, Andromon was badly injured in the battle with the Tamers convince the Gekomon leader to give them some of the data packets from their drinks to heal Andromon. However, he had lost much of his energy from the fight and regressed into Guardromon as a result. He helps the Tamers defeat Orochimon before becoming Kazu's partner and helping them in the battles with Beelzemon and the D-Reaper. In the finale, Guardromon regressed to Kapurimon as a side effect of the Red Card and thus was forced to part ways with Kazu.

Kenta and Marine Angemon[edit]

Kenta Kitagawa (北川 健太, Kitagawa Kenta) is one of Takato's friends. He often gets credit for the numerous jokes that Kazu tells throughout the season. Like Kazu, Kenta wanted his own Digimon partner so he joins the Tamers in entering the Digital World. However, getting jealous and upset that he is the only one without a partner, Kenta attempts to pretend that Guilmon's his Digimon while he is separated from Takato. Eventually, though he tried to shoo him away, Kenta ends up becoming partners with Marine Angemon and is able to understand him.

MarinAngemon (マリンエンジェモン, Marinenjemon) is a pixie Digimon resembling the size of a small housecat, said to dwell in the Internet Ocean, though he is rarely seen even by other marine Digimon. He uses his love-based "Kakuna Wave" attack and heals any allies. Appearing among the numerous mega level Digimon to help the Sovereigns fight the D-Reaper, he becomes Kenta's partner. After Takato defeats the D-Reaper, Marine Angemon departs to the Digital World.

Susan 'Suzie' Wong[edit]

Voiced by: Nagano Ai (Japanese); Peggy O'Neal (English)

Susan 'Suzie' Wong, known in Japan as Li Xiao-Chung (李 小春, Rī Shauchun), is Henry's little sister and the youngest of Wong children. Initially unaware about Terriermon, Suzie believed him to be a plush toy, often dressing him up in girls' dolls' clothes and calling him "Pwincess Pwetty Pants", much to his dismay. Eventually, when Henry had to leave for the Digital World, Terriermon reveals himself to Suzie so she can let him go. However, in an unexpected turn, a digital fog appears in the real world while Suzie is at the park with her father, and she ends up in the Digital World. There she meets and befriends the Rabbit Deva Antylamon, who becomes her partner. She later helps Henry stop the D-Reaper.


Voiced by: Aoi Tada (Japanese); Michelle Ruff (TV), Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Movie) (English)

Lopmon (ロップモン, Roppumon) is a three-horned lop-eared rabbit-like Beast Digimon who strongly resembles Terriermon (the only minor differences in her appearance being her brown and pink fur coloration and three horns). Originally, Lopmon was the Rabbit Deva Antylamon (アンティラモン, Antiramon) who was assigned the task of guarding the bridge leading to Zhuqiaomon's palace. Unlike the other Devas, Antylamon does not share their disdain of humans. Meeting Suzie, Antylamon saw the girl as a small annoyance before bonding with her to the point of fighting off Makuramon when he tries to hurt the girl. As punishment, Antylamon reverts into Lopmon. Soon after, while taking the Tamers to meet Zhuqiaomon in an attempt to reason with the Sovereign, Suzie acquires a D-Ark, making Lopmon as a partner. At the real world, Antylamon helps the others stop the D-Reaper. Afterwards, Lopmon reverts into Chocomon ends up returning to the Digital World.

Ryo and Cyberdramon[edit]

Ryo Voiced by: Junichi Kanemaru (Japanese); Steve Staley (English)
Cyberdramon Voiced by: Ikkei Seta (Japanese); Lex Lang (English)

Ryō Akiyama (秋山 遼, Akiyama Ryō) is a main character in most Digimon video games and in Digimon Adventure. His partner is Cyberdramon. When Ryō defeats Rika to win the Digimon Card Tournament game, he goes to the Digital world. There, he is united with the Tamers on their quest to find Calumon. After returning to the Digital World, Ryō apologizes to Rika.[6][7]

Cyberdramon (サイバードラモン, Saibādoramon) is an Ultimate Level Digimon, and Ryō's partner. Though being feral in personality, he manages to control himself and unites with other partners. His nature is the result of his unique origins that remain unmentioned in the series; he was actually a fusion of Monodramon, who remains his docile rookie form, and Milleniummon, Ryo's nemesis from the video games. One of his Digivolutions, Justimon (ジャスティモン, Jasutimon), was inspired by Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and Power Rangers.[2]

Minami and Seasarmon[edit]

Minami: Voiced by: Kotono Mitsuishi (Japanese); Stephanie Sheh (English) Seasarmon: Voiced by: Kyosei Tsukui (Japanese); Tom Wyner (English)

Minami Uehara (上原 南, Uehara Minami) is a ten-year-old girl who appeared in Digimon Tamers: Battle of Adventurers. Her father, Takehito, created the "V-Pet" program and has it running on the laptop containing the original one (based off her lost dog Mei), but she is chased by Tylomon. Minami owns her partner, Seasarmon (シーサモン, Shīsamon), the reincarnation of her pet dog "Mei" (who also de-digivolves into Labramon). Seasarmon sacrifices himself to activate the vaccine program and destroy erase all V-Pets from the world. After Gulfmon's defeat, Minami and her father return home.

Alice and Dobermon[edit]

Alice:Voiced by: Yuka Imai (Japanese); Philece Sampler (English) Dobermon:Voiced by: Hiroki Takahashi (Japanese); Michael Sorich (English)

Alice McCoy (アリス・マッコイ, Arisu Makkoi) is an eleven-year-old girl with gothic lolita fashion style. Her canine partner, Dobermon (ドーベルモン, Dōberumon), is a Doberman Pinscher and a messenger of the Digimon Sovereigns. During the battle against the D-Reaper, Dobermon sacrifices himself to grant the ability for the Tamers.

Ai and Mako[edit]

Ai:Voiced by: Haruhi Nanao (Japanese); Rebecca Forstadt (English) Mako:Voiced by: Miwa Matsumoto (Japanese); Wendee Lee (English)

Ai (アイ) and Mako (Makoto (マコト)) are family siblings known to constantly bicker. They fight over their properties. The two gave Impmon an horrible impression on humans, believing they only showed an interest in others when it suits them. However, after Impmon ran away, the two children began to change their ways; by the time he found them at their grandmother's house they have promised to share, and lavish Impmon with food when he arrives. Impmon is overjoyed when he reunites with them, and wholeheartedly promises to return when he sets off to assist the Tamers. Mako gives Impmon his favourite toy gun, which morphs into the deadly Corona Blaster. Beelzemon is consequently extremely aggravated when the D-Reaper destroys it. After the siblings obtain a D-Power, Impmon becomes their partner.


  • Mitsuo Yamaki (山木 満雄)
Voiced by: Susumu Chiba (Japanese); Steven Blum (English)
The leader of Hypnos monitoring the activity. He antagonizes the Tamers, but later becomes their ally.
  • Reika Otori (鳳 麗花 Ōtori Reika) / Riley
Voiced by: Ai Nagano (Japanese); Tifanie Christun (English)
Hypnos Chief Operator and a bakery customer.
  • Megumi Onodera (小野寺 恵 Onodera Megumi) / Tally
Voiced by: Fumiko Miyashita (Japanese); Peggy O'Neal) (English)
Hypnos Operator.
  • Man in Black: An unnamed agent whom Yamaki recruited as a field operator. Voiced in the dub by R. Martin Klein.

Monster Makers[edit]

The Monster Makers (Wild Bunch) are the creators of the original Digimon program in 1984 as students at Palo Alto University. In 2001, they were reunited by Hypnos to first help protect Earth against Digimon (and, using their knowledge, to destroy the Digimon using their own data against them.), then to help create the Ark to bring the children back from the Digital World, and finally to help combat the D-Reaper. One of their greatest creations proved to be the entity known as Grani. Among the members include:

  • Gorou "Shibumi" Mizuno (水野 悟郎 Mizuno Gorō)
Voiced by: Taro Suwa (Japanese); Bob Glouberman (English)
Continued on with the Digimon project after it was shut down in 1986, creating the Blue Cards, the D-Powers, and developed a way for Digimon to digivolve. He fell into a coma at some point, subconsciously surviving in the Digital World. He later is able to help the kids while they are in the Digital World, as well as rejoining the Monster Makers in Shinjuku to help fight the D-Reaper after he returns from the coma.
Voiced by: Tom Fahn
Alice's grandfather and the professor at Palo Alto University (possibly a reference to Stanford University).
  • Rai "Curly" Aishuwarya
Voiced by: Youko Matsuoka (Japanese); Dorothy Elias-Fahn (English)
Indian professor at Miscatonic University. Should not be confused with the actress Aishwarya Rai.
  • Babel
Voiced by: Neil Kaplan
An African American resident.
  • Daisy
Voiced by: Wendee Lee
An unknown member.


Matsuki Family
  • Takehiro Matsuki / Takehiro Matsuda (松田 剛弘): Takato's father and a baker. Voiced in the dub by Kirk Thornton.
  • Mie Matsuki (松田 美枝 Matsuda Yoshie): Takato's mother and a baker. Voiced in the dub by Philece Sampler.
  • Kai Urazoe: Takato's cousin from Okinawa. Voiced in the dub by Brian Donovan in the series and by Yuri Lowenthal in the film.
Wong Family
  • Tao Wong / Li Zhen-Yu (李 鎮宇 Rī Janyū): Henry's father. Voiced in the dub by Jamieson Price.
  • Mayumi Wong / Li Mayumi (李 麻由美 Rī Mayumi): Henry and Suzie's mother. Voiced in the dub by Dorothy Elias-Fahn.
  • Richie Wong / Li Lian-Jei (李 連杰 Rī Rianchei): Henry and Suzie's older brother.
  • Jane Wong / Li Zha-Ling (李 嘉玲 Rī Jaarin): Henry and Suzie's older sister. Voiced in the dub by Wendee Lee.
Nonaka Family
  • Rumiko Nonaka[8] / Rukino Makino (牧野 ルミ子): Rika's mother and a model. Voiced in the dub by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.
  • Seiko Hata (秦 聖子): Rika's grandmother. Voiced in the dub by Barbara Goodson.
  • Rika's Father: Mentioned in the series, he appeared in "Runaway Locomon". Voiced in the dub by Steven Blum.
Katou Family
  • Tadashi Katou (加藤 肇 Katō Hajime): Jeri's father. Voiced in the dub by Bob Papenbrook.
  • Shizue Katou (加藤 静江 Katō Shizue): Jeri's stepmother. Voiced in the dub by Bridget Hoffman.
  • Masahiko Katou (加藤 昌彦 Katō Masahiko): Jeri's half-brother. Voiced in the dub by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn in the first appearance and by Dina Sherman in other ones.
Shioda Family
  • Hirofumi Shiota (塩田 博文 Shiota Hirofumi): Kazu's father. Voiced in the dub by Lex Lang.
  • Takako Shiota (塩田 貴子 Shiota Takako): Kazu's mother. Voiced in the dub by Michelle Ruff.
Kitagawa Family
  • Shiyunsuke Kitagawa (北川 駿介 Kitagawa Shunsuke): Kenta's father. Voiced in the dub by Dan Lorge.
  • Akemi Kitagawa (北川 明美 Kitagawa Akemi): Kenta's mother. Voiced in the dub by Tifanie Christun.
Uehara Family
  • Takehito Uehara: Minami's father and creator of the V-Pet. Voiced in the dub by Derek Stephen Prince.
  • Mei: Minami's pet dog, who died saving Minami from the storm.
Yodobashi Elementary

Other Digimon[edit]

Twelve Devas[edit]

Devas (デーヴァ, Dēba) are servants of Zhuqiaomon, most sharing his disdain for humans, each modeled after an animal from the Chinese zodiac. Some of them entered the human world in search of Calumon while the rest remained behind to oversee matters in the Digital World. Their only survivor is Antylamon, a rabbit whom Suzie befriends.

Mihiramon (ミヒラモン)
Voiced by: Masahiko Tanaka (Japanese); Bob Papenbrook (English)
Mihiramon is an Exhalted Beast Digimon in the form of a giant winged Tiger. His tail doubles as a powerful weapon that he lashes out to strike like a samurai's sword, seen when he uses his "Samurai Tiger Tail" attack. Mihiramon bio-emerged from the top of the Shinjuku Metropolitan Building during the first activation of the Juggernaut program, sabotaging it and allowing the other Devas to cross into the Real World. He is considered powerful even for an Ultimate; Renamon even suggests that he could have been a Mega before the tamers were able to scan him. He managed to easily defeat Kyubimon and Gargomon with one strike of his "Samurai Tiger Tail" attack, but was destroyed by WarGrowlmon, the Digi-volved form of Growlmon.
Sandiramon (サンティラモン)
Voiced by: Ikkei Seta (Japanese); Lex Lang (English)
Sandiramon is an Exhalted Beast Digimon in the form of a giant Snake, able to generate his "Venom Axe" from his mouth and wield it with his tail. Sandiramon bio-emerges into the subway tunnels of Shinjuku, out speeding the Tamers when they pursue him. After a battle, Growlmon manages to mortally wound him thanks to a Power Modify Card from Kazu. However, Sandiramon laughs before he fades, revealing to the Tamers that the other Devas will avenge him and Mihiramon.
Sinduramon (シンドゥーラモン, Shindūramon)
Voiced by: Issei Futamata (Japanese); Richard Epcar (English)
Sinduramon is an Exhalted Beast Digimon in the form of a Rooster wearing a super-hard orb-like body armor. He bio-emerged near where Takato and Henry's field trip was camping. Sinduramon was originally small in size until he drained and consumed enough of a nearby city's electrical power to increase his size, while also putting an owl under his spell to serve as his emissary. Eventually, while attempting to absorbs more power from a hydroelectric plant, Growlmon's attack ends up knocking Sinduramon into the water, and the electricity he had amassed electrocutes and destroys him.
Pajiramon (パジラモン)
Voiced by: Masako Katsuki (Japanese); Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (English)
Pajiramon is an Exhalted Beast Digimon in the form of a Goat centaurette, her weapon of choice being a crossbow. She is also capable of emitting earsplitting and destructive ultrasonic blasts by bleating. She accompanied Vajramon into attacking a shopping district. When Pajiramon had Gargomon pinned, Henry used the Blue Card to Digivolve Gargomon to Rapidmon who destroys her.
Vajiramon (ヴァジラモン)
Voiced by: Unshō Ishizuka (Japanese); Michael McConnohie (English)
Vajiramon is an Exhalted Beast Digimon in the form of an Ox centaur and armed with the twin Deva Blades. His warrior-like personality values honor, loathing both cowardice and humans. He accompanied Pajramon into attacking the shopping district where he was seemingly destroyed by Rapidmon after engaging Renamon and developing feelings for her. Vajramon is however revived and later requests an audience with Renamon, taking their meeting to Tokyo Dome where he unknowingly played into divulging the Devas' reasons for being in the human world in his attempt to get her to side with them. By the time he realizes the truth, Vajramon is destroyed by Taomon for good.
Indramon (インダラモン, Indaramon)
Voiced by: Horiuchi Kenyuu (Japanese); Neil Kaplan (English)
Indramon is an Exhalted Beast Digimon in the form of a bipedal Horse, armed with the Horn of Desolation that is normally strapped on his back until he uses it to generate ultrasonic waves. When he first bio-emerges in the real world, Indramon insults Impmon by smelling "the stench of humans" on him. He then disappears but later returns and battles Impmon, humiliating him further while defeating the Tamers' Digimon easily before forced to leave in response to Juggernaut's activation. Indramon returns later at a much larger size, only to be destroyed by WarGrowlmon.
Kumbhiramon (クンビラモン, Kunbiramon)
Voiced by: Kōki Miyata (Japanese); Joshua Seth (English)
Kumbhiramon is an Exhalted Beast Digimon in the form of a Rat encased in a metal orb. His Deva Clone ability enables him to create five duplicates of himself, making up for his rather small size and lack of fighting prowess. He bio-emerged at Shinjuku Park where he terrorizes Jeri and Calumon until they are rescued by Leomon. This caused Kumbhiramon to retreat. In the second encounter, Kumbhiramon attacks Leomon before Gargomon and Leomon destroyed him and his clones altogether.
Vikaralamon (ヴィカラーラモン, Vikarāramon)
Voiced by: (Japanese); Michael Sorich (English)
Vikaralamon is an Exhalted Beast Digimon in the form of an immense warthog-like Pig. He is the last Deva to bio-emerge into the Real World, his massive size, extreme durability and great strength enables him to rampage through Shinjuku. Because the attacks of the Tamers' Digimon at their Champion level have no effect on Vikaralamon, Takato, Rika, and Henry manage to wish hard for Blue Cards so their partners can use their ultimate forms. Despite Yamaki's interference, the battle resumes, and Takato sent his strength to WarGrowlmon, allowing him to obliterate Vikaralamon. He was considered the most powerful of the Devas by many of the tamers, and his battle with them revealed the existence of Digimon to the world at large, almost ruining Yamaki's reputation.
Makuramon (マクラモン)
Voiced by: Ryō Horikawa (Japanese); Joe Ochman (English)
Makuramon is an Exhalted Beast Digimon in the form of a Monkey with the Primal Orb as his weapon of choice. He arrives to the human world in the form of a strange boy around the time Indramon bio-emerged. He proceeds to act incognito before finding Calumon, discarding his disguise during Vikaralamon's rampage and attacking the Hypnos headquarters at the time when the Juggernaut was activated. When Vikaralamon was defeated, he snatched Calumon and escaped back to the Digital World as Zhuqiaomon keeps Leomon from pursuing.

During his trip back to Zhuqiaomon's castle, Calumon was freed by the DigiGnomes, so Makuramon enlisted Majiramon's help to look for him. Makuramon is later destroyed by Beelzemon when he taunts him as he was about to be destroyed by Megidramon, his data absorbed soon after. Makuramon was perhaps the most ambitious of the Devas, hoping to use his successes to gain favour with Zhuqiaomon over Catsuramon, though he often fled from fights, and his arrogance proved to be his undoing.

Catsuramon (チャツラモン, Chatsuramon)
Voiced by: Kōji Ishii (Japanese); Tom Wyner (English)
Catsuramon is an Exhalted Beast Digimon in the form of a Dog, serving as Zhuqiaomon's right hand. He brought Impmon back to the Digital World and promised him the power to Digivolve in exchange that he destroys the Tamers for Zhuqiaomon. When the Juggernaut program was activated by some people, it caused a storm and he made himself known to the Tamers. He used his attack to break Taomon's barrier and made off with Calumon. During Gallantmon's battle with Beelzemon, Zhuqiaomon sent him to delete the traitor Lopmon. However, Terriermon takes the attack heavily as Catsuramon was destroyed by Gallantmon soon after, and his data was absorbed by Beelzemon.
Majiramon (マジラモン)
Voiced by: Masahiko Tanaka (Japanese); Bob Papenbrook (English)
Majiramon is an Exhalted Beast Digimon in the form of an oriental Dragon who uses the hairs on his body to execute his Flaming Arrowheads attack. He helps Makuramon search for Calumon before they run into the Tamers. Ryo uses his Golitah Digi-Modify card to enlarge his partner, Cyberdramon, who destroys Majiramon by crushing his skull.

Digimon Sovereigns[edit]

The Digimon Sovereigns (四聖獣, Shiseijuu) are four powerful Mega-level Digimon who each rule a quarter of the Digital World, each possessing twelve DigiCores. They all dwell on the 6th, highest plain of the Digital World, said to be the first Digimon to reach their highest form and modeled after the Four Sacred Beasts of Asian mythology. However, when the D-Reaper emerged after years of hibernation, the Sovereigns fell into disarray over the usage of the Catalyst of Shining Digivolution to digivolve every Digimon to fight back against the threat. But knowing that their ability to digivolve is what's causing the D-Reaper to stir convinces Azulongmon to have the DigiGnomes turn the Shining Digivolution into Calumon and send him to the human world.

Refusing to accept this decision, Zhuqiaomon sends his Devas to find Calumon and bring him back. Eventually, after his Devas are mostly destroyed, it took Azulongmon's intervention to convince Zhuqiaomon that the humans are their friends and not their enemies. After Ebonwumon and Baihumon join up with their fellow Sovereigns as D-Reaper reacts to Calumon's presence, the Digimon agrees to use his power to give the Sovereigns an army to fight the D-Reaper while he and the Tamers return to their world. In the series finale, the Sovereigns hold the Cable Reaper at bay while MegaGargomon enacts Operation Doodlebug.


Voiced by: Shūichirō Moriyama (Japanese); Tony Pope (English)

Zhuqiaomon (スーツェーモン) is the guardian of the Digital World's Southern hemisphere and one of the four Sovereigns, modeled after the Suzaku. Though he is unforgivable, he protects the Digital World from any threat. Upon learning that Azulongmon sent the Catalyst to the human world, Zhuqiaomon sent the twelve Devas to retrieve Calumon and prevent any humans from using him. When the Tamers arrive at the Digital World, they fight against Zhuquiaomon, but Azulongmon intervenes. Later, Zhuqiaomon helps the humans and Sovereigns defeat the D-Reaper.


Voiced by: Jūrōta Kosugi (Japanese); Michael McConnohie (English)

Azulongmon (チンロンモン, Chinronmon, Qinglongmon) is the guardian of the Digital World's Eastern Hemisphere who is based on the Seiryuu with power over thunder and lightning. He is the most amiable of the Sovereigns, seeing the good in humans and coming to their aid in dire events by convincing Zhuqiaomon to end his fight with the Tamers.


Voiced by: Jōji Yanami (Japanese); Dave Wittenberg (English)

Ebonwumon (シェンウーモン, Xuanwumon) is the guardian of the Digital World's Northern hemisphere and the oldest of the Digimon Sovereigns whose form is modeled after the Genbu with phantasmagoric water techniques. Having a second snake-head, Ebonwumon is gentle-hearted in personality as he looks after Baihumon's domain during his fellow Sovereign's fight with the D-Reaper. In the English dub, each of Ebonwumon's heads speaks with a different accent; one head speaks with a Scottish accent and the other with an Irish brogue.


Voiced by: Shinichi Kotani (Japanese); Steve Kramer (English)

Baihumon (バイフーモン) is the guardian of the Digital World's Western hemisphere and the youngest of the Digimon Sovereigns whose form is modeled after the White Tiger Byakko with power over steel. Due to his fellow Sovereigns Azulongmon and Zhuqiaomon fighting amongst themselves, Baihumon was attempting to fight the D-Reaper on his own by the time Ryo arrived to his domain. However, Baihumon is exhausted from battling such a relentless foe and falls back to the other Sovereigns in order to join forces with them.

Bio-Emerged Digimon[edit]


Maildramon was first seen chasing Calumon in the Digital World, until it is ambushed by DarkTyrannomon.


DarkTyrannomon ambushes Maildramon, while chasing Calumon in the Digital World.


A large feline Digimon resembling a flame-cloaked lynx. In Takato's dream, Renamon defeats Lynxmon, absorbing the data.


Rika and Renamon fought Goblimon at a baseball field. With Calumon, it is defeated by Renamon.


A gorilla-like Digimon with a cybernetic cannon on his arm. Gorillamon was Terriermon's old foe from the video game that Terriermon emerged from. He bio-emerged in town and attacked Henry and Terriermon at a construction site. Gorillamon was defeated by Terriermon.

Voiced in the dub by Paul St. Peter.


While Guilmon and Calumon were decorating the school yard at Yodobashi Elementary, Vilemon bio-emerged there and attacked them. Takato and Henry arrived and Vilemon ended up fighting Guilmon and Terriermon. When Rika and Renamon arrived, Vilemon was deleted by Renamon.

Voiced in the dub by Dave Mallow.


Allomon had bio-emerged in a neighborhood and encountered Rika and Renamon. Though Renamon had a hard time fighting him, she gained unlikely help from Guilmon and Terriermon. When Renamon used a combination of her Diamond Storm attack and a copy of SnowAgumon's Frozen Wind attack, Allomon was defeated.

Voiced in the dub by Dave Mallow.


A massive spider-like Digimon that spins large webs to snare her foes, and is capable of spewing poisonous breath. Rika and Renamon encountered Dokugumon in a park and ended up fighting her. Dokugumon easily defeated and badly damaged Renamon. However, when Rika called out to Renamon in concern and peril, Renamon Digivolved into Kyubimon and deleted Dokugumon.

Voiced in the dub by Melodee Spevack.


A Devidramon bio-emerged in the episode "The Question of trust" and began terrorising the city. Rika wanted Renamon to fight it but she told her it was Guilmon's fight who in question was already dueling with him. Guilmon felt upset that Takato was angry at him when he never meant to do anything wrong (Impmon had manipulated him into helping him make mischief) and couldn't put his full heart into it. When Takato learnt the truth and told him he wasn't angry, Guilmon digivolved into Growlmon and destroyed Devidramon absorbing his data.

Voiced in the dub by Tom Wyner.


An evil fallen angel Digimon possessing powerful ice-manipulation abilities. He killed and absorbed the data of many Digimon, forever encasing them in ice, in order to become more powerful. In "The Icemon Cometh", he Bio-Emerges in the Real World and begins stalking Rika, who he believes to be as harsh and cruel as himself, and able to make him even more powerful. Eventually seizing Rika and taking her to his frozen lair atop a skyscraper, he tries to tempt her to accept him as her new Digimon partner by describing his power. Though he shows her the frozen graveyard of his amassed victims (IceDevimon implied that some of his victims had human partners), Rika is able to resist the temptation and refuse his offer. He then demands a duel against Renamon, who starts toward the lair.

Takato, Henry, Guilmon and Terriermon arrive and try to rescue Rika, but IceDevimon encases the Digimon in ice. Renamon appears, but IceDevimon is too powerful for her, and even after Rika declares that Renamon is her friend and Renamon digivolves to Kyubimon, she is unable to defeat him. Guilmon and Terriermon manage to break free of the ice, and Takato uses "Speed" and "Hyper Wing" cards on Guilmon, allowing him to defeat IceDevimon and absorb his data. Because of this ordeal, Rika again had trouble with accepting Renamon as a friend, and she nearly gave up being a Tamer due to being traumatized.

Voiced in the dub by Michael Reisz.


The Hypnos Organization once used Yugoth to prevent Musyamon from bio-emerging in the Real World with Musyamon vowing revenge. By the second time, Musyamon evaded Yugoth and bio-emerged. Musyamon was defeated by Gargomon.

Voiced in the dub by Beau Billingslea.


Large bee-like Digimon that attack in swarms. When Rika cannot enter the Digital Field to help, Renamon defeats them.


A Harpy Digimon resembling the mythical bird-woman. Takato and Henry meet Harpymon in the park. When Renamon joined the battle she was a great match for Harpymon, but Renamon became distracted, allowing Harpymon to severely weaken her. When Harpymon was about to finish off Renamon, Rika appeared and stabbed Harpymon in the back with a tree branch in order to save Renamon from being destroyed and give her a chance to rise up and fight once more. Calumon's powers caused Renamon to Digivolve into Kyubimon who deletes Harpymon without absorbing data.

Voiced in the dub by Dorothy Elias-Fahn.


Takato and Guilmon fought DarkLizardmon in an abandoned building. However, Yamaki takes DarkLizardmon into custody. The inhumane experiments Hypnos subjected DarkLizardmon to was enough to delete her.

Voiced in the dub by Barbara Goodson.


In "Battle of Adventurers", Apocalymon attempts to Bio-Emerge in the Real World, but is confronted by Omnimon. During the battle, Apocalymon reformats to Mephistomon, and though Omnimon attacks him, he is unable to stop Mephistomon from Bio-Emerging. Mephistomon has a deep hatred for all life, and so plots to destroy the world and everything in it. In order to do so, he disguises himself as Ryuuji Tamashiro, the president of the Okinawan VP Laboratories. He soon becomes famous for his part in marketing the V-Pet, a digital pet that he modified to cause other Digimon to Bio-Emerge and become his servants. Takahito Uehara, the original creator of the V-Pet, detects the virus that Mephistomon had implanted in the V-Pets, and creates a vaccine program which he implants into the original V-Pet, which manifests as Seasarmon. When Mephistomon finds out about the vaccine, he uses his servants to kidnap Takehito and find out the vaccine's location. Once Uehara reveals that the vaccine is in Seasarmon, Mephistomon doffs his disguise and attacks Seasarmon and the Tamers. As part of the battle, he drags the group into an apocalyptic dimension modeled after his intentions for the Real World, but is defeated, allowing the vaccine program to activate and purge the virus. It is revealed that Mephistomon is not actually dead, and he digivolves to Gulfmon, a larger and more powerful, but less intelligent form. The Tamers' Champion Digimon are unable to scratch him, but Calumon's powers activate, digivolving them to Ultimate. Gulfmon is defeated by Takato, Henry and Rika.

Voiced in the dub by Richard Epcar.

Locomon/GrandLocomon and Parasimon[edit]

In "Runaway Locomon", Locomon bio-emerges in the Real World. It hurtles along Tokyo's train tracks, creating a rift to the Digital World at Ichigaya station. Hypnos and the Tamers work together to try and stop Locomon. Growlmon initially attempts to hold back the train, but fails and reverts to Guilmon. He then goes to get help from the other Tamers while Takato, Rika and Renamon sneak aboard. Once aboard, Rika attempts to attack Locomon's furnace, but is in turn attacked by Parasimon. Beelzemon, while riding Behemoth, also attacks Locomon, but hardly fazes him. At this point, Rika returns to the others and attacks them. It is soon revealed that she is being controlled by Parasimon, and that Parasimon is also responsible for taking over Locomon and sending him through Tokyo. The other Tamers catch up to Locomon and Guilmon frees Rika from Parasimon's control. Parasimon forces Locomon to digivolve into GranLocomon, and then attacks Takato and Guilmon, who biomerge and destroy him. However, Parasimon is able to send a signal into the rift before he disappears — this signal allows many other Parasimon to bio-emerge, and they begin destroying the city. The Tamers and their Digimon fight against the swarm, until Gallantmon Crimson Mode defeats them all in a single blow. Afterwards, Locomon returns to the Digital World.

Locomon and GranLocomon are voiced in the English dub by Lex Lang impersonating Johnny Cash. Parasimon is voiced in the English dub by David Lodge.

Digital World Digimon[edit]


In "Battle of Adventurers", Omnimon is seen chasing an Apocalymon that reformats itself into Mephistomon, until the foe escapes from his pursuit. Later, he aids the Tamers by bringing them to Mephismon's hideout in the abandoned laboratory.

Voiced in the dub by Lex Lang and Kirk Thornton.

Shining Army[edit]

Calumon's Shining Digivolution enabled some of the Digimon to Digivolve and rendezvous with the Digimon Sovereign in order to help fight the D-Reaper. Besides Jijimon and Babamon, the Digimon that came to their aid were MetalSeadramon, Machinedramon, something that looks like Pukumon, Gryphonmon, Hououmon, Boltmon, Plesiomon and GranKuwagamon. MarineAngemon was originally part of the army, but he became so attached to Kenta that he became his partner instead.

Other Entities[edit]


Voiced by: Yoko Asada (Japanese); Bridget Hoffman (English)

The D-Reaper, also known as the "True Enemy", is a digital lifeform and an enemy computer program. It is neither a Digimon nor human as it is only being programmed for the objective through extensions of itself called Agents. Though it began in an extremely primitive state as pinkish-red grey goo, it is thought that the ability to become powerful and overcome the Digital World was due to the hibernation being so far beneath the Digital World that it actually connected with another dimension.[9] The general design aesthetic of the D-Reaper was that of a "Digital creature", exemplified in such details as the jigsaw-like fringes of the Agents, and the optic fiber/telephone wire construction of the Reaper and Mother D-Reaper. Konaka remarked that he was especially fascinated by details like the wings on ADR-02.[10] Aramaki designed the "D-Reaper Zone" which appeared on Earth.[11]

The Reaper program was created in the late 1970s, allegedly by the United States Department of Defense, before Digimon and even the DigiGnomes, which appeared in the early 1980s. Though it was set thirty years before the event of the series, in the fast-growing Digital World it is comparable to the Cambrian period (542-488 Ma). It was designed so that whenever the number of digital lifeforms surpassed a set amount, it would delete them to return the Digital World back to a state of nothingness, in order to prevent the Digital World from being overloaded. However, when it was written, the Digital World had a very small Random Access Memory size, and while the network has grown exponentially, the D-Reaper's threshold is still based on that early, tiny figure. With nothing to do at the time, the D-Reaper program went dormant and remained deep within the recesses of the Net.[9] At about this time, the "Creeper" virus infected ARPANET, the network belonging to the Department of Defense. It was deleted by the "Reaper" program, which was allegedly created for only this purpose.[12]

In 1980, the Artificial Life research project "Tierra" began operations. However, the Reaper program causes mass genocide of Tierra's virtual lifeforms whenever they multiplied beyond a certain amount of memory. Throughout the 1980s, the SIGINT system known as "ECHELON" began operations under the leadership of the National Security Agency, which built communications bases in various nations across the globe. It is thought that the self-defense program used by ECHELON was a forerunner of the D-Reaper, or the program itself.[12]

By the 2000s, the network had expanded exponentially. This created a huge influx of data into the Digital World, which the Digimon used to digivolve and change. Though the system was large enough to handle this load, Azulongmon sensed that it could reawaken the D-Reaper, and with the help of the DigiGnomes he transformed the "Catalyst" program into Calumon. Though this greatly slowed the growth and Digivolution of Digimon, it was not enough to stave off the D-Reaper, which soon reactivated. At the time, though, it was still in an extremely primitive state, and the Sovereigns attempted to find solutions before the problem became too huge.[9][12]

However, managing to capture Jeri, the D-Reaper uses Hynpos's system to manifest its main body, holding its Kernel Sphere, into the human world and turn the Shinjiku Metropolitan building into its base of operations while converting the surrounding area into the D-Reaper Zone. To accomplish its goals of expanding its territory while studying humans, the D-Reaper produces extensions of itself known as "ADR's", or "Agents of the D-Reaper". Due to being drones that all act according to the single consciousness of the D-Reaper, the Agents operate outside of the D-Reaper Zone by a red life line, similar in function to umbilical cords. When these cords are severed, the Agent becomes much weaker and easier to defeat, and weaker Agents will dissipate completely. Once the D-Reaper creates a new type of ADR, it will continue to use it until it is no longer useful and efficient. The various ADR's are named by the order they are created in, though they also possess codenames based on their appearance and function.[10]

  • The ADR-01: Jeri-Type: A Spy Agent whose form is based on Jeri Katou from when she started becoming depressed, created in order to analyze human thought. It starts out identical in form to Jeri, lacking the life line of succeeding ADR models, but later transforms into a taller angelic parody of the original. In the end, Jeri-Type was absorbed back into the D-Reaper to serve as Mother D-Reaper's first and last line of defense as both an enlarged face and a giant faceless version of her previous form. Jeri-Type was designed by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru.[10]
  • The ADR-02: Searcher: An Intelligence Gathering Agent. It is small, and has no offensive capability, but usually appears in large swarms. It was designed by Kenji Watanabe.[10]
  • The ADR-03: Pendulum Feet: An Antiaircraft Attack Agent. It is the first offensive Agent created by the D-Reaper, and uses its floating extensions to perform remote strikes. It was designed by Kenji Watanabe.[10]
  • The ADR-04: Bubbles: A Ground Combat Agent that appears in swarms, but it is able to use the wave motion guns on its arms to attack. It was designed by Shinji Aramaki.[10]
  • The ADR-05: Creep Hands: A Grappling Agent. It is a medium-sized offensive unit, which uses its spiral-shaped, stretchable arms for locomotion and hand-to-hand combat. It was designed by Shinji Aramaki.[10]
  • The ADR-06: Horn Striker: A Military Commander Agent. It is a medium-sized combat unit of overwhelming power. It was designed by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru.[10]
  • The ADR-07: Paratice Head (a mis-transliteration of Palates Head, as its body is covered with mouths): A Reconnaissance in Force Agent. It is large, and somewhat like the mid-boss of a video game. It makes sinister, unpredictable attacks. It was designed by Kenji Watanabe.[10]
  • The ADR-08: Optimizer: A Mother Ship Agent. It is large, and somewhat like the mid-boss of a video game. It was designed by Kenji Watanabe, who focused the design on its huge size.[10]
  • The ADR-09: Gatekeeper: Also known as the "D-Reaper Ball", is a Base Defense Agent. It is formed to protect the D-Reaper's core, the "Kernel Sphere". It was designed by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru.[10]

Eventually, the D-Reaper reabsorbs all agents and uses Jeri's emotions to transform into the Mother D-Reaper, an Ability Synthesis Agent whose body is made up of countless cords, optic fibers, and electrical and telephone wires. As a result, the D-Reaper consumed all of Shinjuku. It was designed by Kenji Watanabe.[10] From this point, in order to complete its control over both worlds, the Mother D-Reaper opens a portal in the Digital World as it is now mostly consumed by its other self. The D-Reaper underwent a similar evolution into the Reaper or "Cable Reaper" Ability Synthesis Agent, possessing the offensive powers of the Agents that compose it. It was designed by Kenji Watanabe and Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, who gave it scythes to symbolize that it is a physical manifestation of death.[10] From there, the Mother D-Reaper waits for it to arrive so they can merge before beginning the systematic termination of both humans and Digimon. However, Takato saves Jeri, while the D-Reaper is sent back to the Digital World through the vortex. In the English dub, Janyu mentioned that it disappeared forever.


A group of digital creatures evolved from the same data like Digimon, and they have the power to grant wishes. They were created in 1980, making them the first artificial digital creatures. The DigiGnomes were there when the D-Reaper attacked the Digital World in 1990. In 200X when the D-Reaper was slowly resurfacing, Azulongmon had the DigiGnomes transform the Shining Digivolution (the source of Digivolution for all Digimon) into Calumon, who entered the Real World. The DigiGnomes were also used by Shibumi to make Blue Cards for the Tamers. When Calumon was captured by Makuramon and the cage he was in was trapped in a circuit the DigiGnomes freed him when Makuramon lost grip of it. Rika and Renamon were the first Tamer team to encounter the DigiGnomes. Takato and Henry meet them in Shibumi's library. The DigiGnomes also appeared when Suzie Wong meets Antylamon. Takato later saw the DigiGnomes flying towards Zhuqiaomon's castle. When the D-Reaper was growing in power, some DigiGnomes sacrificed their lives to release the Shining Digivolution throughout the Digital World, causing all Digimon to Digivolve to their Mega Forms. A DigiGnome later placed MarineAngemon in Kenta's pocket without anyone noticing. Later on during the battle against the D-Reaper, Ai and Mako received a purple D-Power from out of nowhere as a DigiGnome flew over a bus. In the aftermath of the victory over the D-Reaper, the Tamers' Digimon disappeared back to the Digital World. Later on, a DigiGnome hovered over Guilmon's old hiding place and the gate to the Digital World opened, which was proof that a DigiGnome had granted Takato's wish.


The Ark was originally devised by the Monster Makers to extract the tamers from the Digital World, as any portals that had opened in the aftermath of Vikaralamon's ramapage had closed before or shortly after the Tamers set out. It was created using the same artificial intelligence program designed for the Digimon. Once it was prepared, it was sent into the Digital World where the Tamers arrive, with instructions to wait forty minutes before heading for the Real World. After Takato and his friends arrive board the Ark, they return home. Although the Ark was attacked by the D-Reaper, Takato spoke to it in encouragement, and it threw off the program and completed the journey. When the D-Reaper enters the Real World, the Ark gets trapped and loses power.

Some time later, the Ark contacts Yamaki, asking for instructions. The program was still functioning and seemed to have grown sentient, like the Digimon. The Monster Makers thus put it to use as a weapon, creating chrome digizoid plating and armed it with a Yugoth Blaster, rechristening it Grani. It quickly developed an attachment to Gallantmon as a steed. Later, Grani fuses with Takato and Guilmon into Gallantmon Crimson Mode.


Behemoth is Beelzemon's motorcycle, which would possess anyone else who rode it, resulting in the rider becoming destructive and evil. Initially, it appeared being driven by a MetalKoromon and attacking the Mudfrigimon village. However, Guilmon replaced MetalKoromon as the motorcycle's rider for a brief moment before Leomon intervened and knocked the possessed and out of control Guilmon off. Without a rider, the motorcycle drove off a cliff into a pit of lava; but thereafter, it was claimed and used by Impmon, who digivolves into Beelzemon. It was destroyed by Gallantmon, but it reappeared in "Runaway Locomon".


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