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Suzuki F10D engine is an inline 4-cylinder 1061cc engine that was developed in India by Maruti Suzuki for the domestic market. It was debuted in the Maruti Wagon-R in India in 2001. It was briefly installed in Maruti Alto and it was the engine that the first Maruti Zen Estilo came with. This engine is very similar to the 3-cylinder F8D 12-valve engine that was optional on the Maruti 800 at the time. The bore and stroke of F10D is the same as that of the smaller sibling and shares quite a few parts like pistons, rings, conrods and valves. The cast-iron engine block is very similar to that of the older F10A 970cc engine that powered the earlier Maruti Gypsy and Maruti 1000. Both F10A and F10D shares the same stroke length; but interchangeability of parts between these two engines is not known.

The F10D got a contemporary SOHC alloy cylinder head with 4 valves per cylinder and MPFI. The earlier engines made 62 bhp and the late model 32-bit ECU raised it to 64 bhp. It is very respectable performance for naturally aspirated 1.1L engine. Maruti re-engineered and optimized the F10D after a few years of its introduction. This "low friction engine" as it was called has a revised engine block, lighter crank and revised oil pump.

Maruti has announced in September 2009 that the F10D will not meet upcoming Euro 4 emissions norms and will be phased out in 2010. It will be replaced by new K-series 3- and 4-cylinder engines.

  • No. of Cylinders : 4
  • Bore × stroke : 68.50 mm × 72.00 mm (2.7 in × 2.83 in)
  • Displacement : 1,061 cc (64.746 cu in)
  • Bore/stroke ratio : 0.95
  • Unitary capacity : 265.25 cc/cylinder
  • Valve train : SOHC
  • No of Valves : 4 valves per cylinder
  • Construction : Cast iron
  • Sump : Wet sump
  • Compression ratio : 10.0:1
  • Fuel system : MPFi
  • Maximum power : (EEC) 61.8 PS (61.0 bhp) (45.5 kW) at 6,000 rpm
  • Specific output : 57.5 bhp/litre (0.94 bhp/cu in )
  • Maximum torque : (EEC) 85.0 Nm (63 ft·lb) (8.7 kgm) at 3,200 rpm
  • bmep : 1,006.7 kPa (146 psi)
  • Specific torque : 80.11 Nm/litre
  • Main bearings : 5
  • Coolant : Water


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