Suzuki Gemma

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Suzuki Gemma
Suzuki GEMMA 2007TMS.jpg
Gemma prototype at 2007 Tokyo Motor Show
Manufacturer Suzuki Motor
Production 2008–2012
Class Scooter
Engine 249 cc DOHC single[1]
Tires Front: 14 inch wheel
Rear: 13 inch[2]
Dimensions L: 2350 mm[1]
W: 760 mm[1]
H: 1050 mm[1]
Weight c. 166 kg (366 lb)[2] (dry)
Related Suzuki Burgman 250

The Suzuki Gemma is a motor scooter introduced as a concept motorcycle at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2007,[3][4] and commercially available in Japan beginning in 2008.[5] It is not a step-through frame design like most scooters; instead, there is a cargo compartment ahead of the operator and between the operator's legs.[3]

The 250 cc single-cylinder gasoline engine is shared with the Suzuki Burgman 250 scooter.[5][6]



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