Suzuki Musical Instrument Corporation

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The Suzuki Musical Instrument Corporation (鈴木楽器製作所, Suzuki Gakki Seisakusho) is a Japanese company that produces a range of musical instruments.


Suzuki was founded in 1953 by Mr. Manji Suzuki. Initially the company manufactured Harmonicas and later developed the Melodion which in 1956 was officially adopted by the Japanese Ministry of Education for use in schools.[1] Authorised Distribution centers are located in the United Kingdom (Suzuki Europe Ltd - owned by Suzuki Japan) and in Western U.S. (distribution center is located in San Diego, California). It has expanded to include a variety of instruments including pianos and band instruments,[2] and purely electronic instruments such as the Tronichord, Omnichord, and QChord Digital Soundcard Guitar.[3]

Melodion Pro37
Omnichord OM-300

In 1991 Suzuki bought the Hammond Organ Co., which is now known as Hammond Suzuki.[4][failed verification]


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