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The Suzuki R engine is an inline-three engine that has been produced by Suzuki since 2011. Initially introduced in the third-generation MR Wagon, and intended as a replacement for the K6A engine, the R engine (most commonly known as the R06A) has since been used in various Suzukis, such as the Alto, the Wagon R, and the Carry.


For the release of the third-generation MR Wagon in 2011,[1] Suzuki introduced a brand-new 658 cc (40.2 cu in) inline-three petrol engine.[2] The new engine, known as the R06A,[3] was available in naturally-aspirated and turbocharged forms, which produced 54 and 64 hp (55 and 65 PS; 40 and 48 kW) respectively.[2] Introduced as a replacement to the K6A that had been in production since 1994, the R06A features four valves per cylinder (for a total of 12), dual overhead camshafts, with a bore and stroke of 64.0 and 68.2 mm (2.52 and 2.69 in) respectively.[4] The naturally-aspirated versions of the R06A feature variable valve timing (VVT) on both the intake and exhaust valves (the first Suzuki engine to do so), and VVT on the intake valves of the turbocharged models.

For 2012, Suzuki added the naturally-aspirated version of the engine to the Alto's range, with R06A-equipped Altos being called the Alto Eco.[5] The Wagon R also received both forms of the R06A engine in 2012, to coincide with the release of the fifth-generation model. In 2013, the R06A was used for the new Suzuki Spacia and the updated Suzuki Carry, and in 2014, it was used for the new Suzuki Hustler.[3] The Carry was the first vehicle to use the R06A engine in a rear-wheel-drive configuration, and had a slightly detuned 50 PS (49 hp; 37 kW) version of the engine.[3]


Naturally-aspirated R06A[edit]

Turbocharged R06A[edit]


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