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Suzuki SX4
2018 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross SZ5 DDIS Allgrip 1.6 Front.jpg
Body and chassis
ClassCompact car
Compact crossover SUV
Body style4-door sedan (2006–2013)
5-door hatchback (2006–2013)
5-door SUV (2013–present)
PredecessorSuzuki Aerio
Suzuki Forenza/Reno[1]
SuccessorSuzuki Ciaz (sedan)

The Suzuki SX4 is a compact car and crossover developed jointly by Japanese automaker Suzuki and Italian automaker Fiat, sold since 2006. It was available as a hatchback and sedan, with the former available in both front and four wheel drive. In 2013, the second generation was launched, called Suzuki SX4 S-Cross — now exclusively a mini SUV, with a sedan version no longer offered. The first and second generation SX4s sold alongside one another until 2014. The second generation SX4 has not been marketed as a Fiat, and the SX4 sedan was replaced with the Suzuki Ciaz.

The original model was sold in certain European markets as the Fiat Sedici. It was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro's Italdesign Giugiaro studio and has been produced since 2006. Although originally intended solely for Europe, the SX4 is sold in most of Suzuki's international markets. Especially as a 4WD hatchback, the SX4 occupies a specific market niche of mini SUVs. Depending on the market, it was available with petrol engines in the 1.5- to 2.0-litre range, and Fiat's 1.3- to 2.0-litre diesels.

First generation (2006–2014)[edit]

First generation
2007-2009 Suzuki SX4 (GYB) hatchback (2011-11-08).jpg
Also calledChangan-Suzuki SX4
Fiat Sedici
Maruti Suzuki SX4 (sedan)
Suzuki Baleno
ProductionJune 2006–March 2014
AssemblyEsztergom, Hungary
Sagara, Shizuoka, Japan
Manesar, India (Maruti Suzuki)[2]
Chongqing, China (Changan Suzuki)
Bekasi, Indonesia (Suzuki Indomobil Motor)[3]
DesignerGiorgetto Giugiaro at Italdesign
Body and chassis
ClassCompact car (hatchback, sedan)
Compact crossover SUV (crossover)
Body style5-door hatchback
4-door sedan
LayoutFront-engine, front-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive
Transmission5-speed manual
6-speed manual
4-speed automatic
CVT (2010 model)
Wheelbase2,500 mm (98.4 in)
Length4,115 and 4,135 mm (162.0 and 162.8 in) (Hatchback, 2010–)
4,150 mm (163.4 in) (Hatchback, 2007–09)
4,490 mm (176.8 in) (Sedan, manual)
4,511 mm (177.6 in) (Sedan, automatic)
Width1,730 and 1,775 mm (68.1 and 69.9 in)
Height1,575 and 1,605 mm (62.0 and 63.2 in) (Hatchback)
1,545 mm (60.8 in) (Sedan)
SuccessorSuzuki Baleno (sportback)
Suzuki Ciaz (sedan)
Suzuki S-Cross (crossover)

SX4 continues Suzuki's tradition of mini SUVs and compact SUVs, like SJ, Jimny, and Escudo.[4] It was introduced in Japan on 1 December 2005, and internationally at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro's Italdesign studio, the SX4 (an abbreviation of "Sports X over 4 all seasons ") replaces the Aerio (Liana in some markets). The "SX/4" designation was previously used (1981–83) by American Motors (AMC) for a sporty liftback model in its all wheel drive AMC Eagle passenger cars.[5][6]

Pre-facelift Suzuki SX4 hatchback (US)

Although originally intended solely for the European market, the SX4 is sold in most of Suzuki's international markets. It falls within Japanese regulations concerning vehicle external dimensions and engine displacement for a car classified as a "compact". It is manufactured at the Magyar Suzuki plant in Esztergom, Hungary; Manesar, India; and Sagara, Japan.[7]

Production in Hungary was expected to be 60,000 units per year — two thirds to be sold by Suzuki and one third by Fiat, badged as the Sedici.[8]

The SX4 Crossover has also been sold in Indonesia since 2007. Earlier models were directly imported from Japan (Completely Built up/CBU), however, locally assembled versions were introduced a year later, to meet the higher than expected market demand. The locally assembled versions are then equipped with some new features, including four wheel disc brakes and Multi Information Display. The SX4 sedan was also sold in Indonesia as the Suzuki Neo Baleno from 2008 until 2011.

Base engines are the 1.5 litre gasoline unit identical to the one used in the Swift, 1.6 litre gasoline (with VVT) with maximum output of 102 PS (75 kW; 101 hp) (which powers Suzuki SX4 Sedan sold in India by Maruti), the new 1.6 litre VVT seen in the new Grand Vitara, and a 107 PS (79 kW; 106 hp), 1.9 litre DDIS — along with the Fiat diesel engine with a maximum output of 120 PS (88 kW; 118 hp) and maximum torque of 280 N⋅m (210 lb⋅ft).

The SX4 was initially released as a five-door hatchback body style, marketed as the SX4 Crossover. With boot space of 300 liters (270 liters VDA) and 60:40 split fold rear seats, they have a tumble/roll configuration that allows for a flat load area up to a maximum volume of 1045 liters (625 liters VDA).[9]

Pre-facelift Suzuki SX4 Sport sedan (US)

The sedan model, marketed as the SX4 Sport, debuted at the 2007 New York International Auto Show and was released in Japan, India and a few Eastern European markets. It replaced the Suzuki Aerio sedan and also the Daewoo-based Suzuki Forenza sedan and station wagon.[10]


The North American market model arrived in 2006 as a 2007 model year, as Suzuki's entry level AWD vehicle. Differences from the European model are the offering of AWD as standard (2WD Version available in Canada, Europe, Israel, and China while AWD is optional in Canada) and only with the 2.0 litre J20A 143 hp (107 kW; 145 PS) inline-four gasoline engine with timing chain instead of timing belt.

In 2007, Suzuki Auto posted the best year end close in company history, with SX4 sales a primary contributor to this success.[11]


The United States base price (model year 2008) for the five door hatchback (marketed as the SX4 Crossover) included "intelligent" All Wheel Drive (iAWD), power door locks, power windows, power mirrors, CD player with MP3 capability, and keyless entry. Available were anti-lock brakes, traction control, stability control, fog lights, and an advanced key in a Touring package.


The model year of 2009 saw SX4 sedans with standard GPS navigation systems manufactured by Garmin with Bluetooth, weather, and a gas station locator.[12]

The United States sedan of the SX4 (marketed as the SX4 Sport) is only available in front wheel drive (FWD). Except for the absence of iAWD, the option packages for the SX4 Sport closely matched those available for the SX4 Crossover. The sedan's boot has 515 liters of cargo capacity.[citation needed]

Both the 1.6 litre FWD hatchback[13] and 1.6 litre FWD sedan models[14] available in Israel (four speed automatic only) and Malaysia, are fully imported from Japan.

In Indonesia, only a two-wheel FWD drive CKD version with 1.5 litre engine for both sedan and hatchback is offered, available in five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission option. Later, SX4 hatchback in Indonesia is offered in two variants: the standard SX4 Crossroad and the fully optional SX4 Crossover.

Both two-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions of the SX4 are available, although not all combinations of drivetrain and body style may be available in a given market (for instance, until the latter part of the model year of 2008, the United States SX4 Crossover was only available with iAWD). The AWD models use an electronically controlled iAWD three mode four wheel drive system, user selectable between front wheel drive 2WD mode, automatic AWD AUTO mode, and AWD LOCK 50:50 split permanent AWD LOCK mode which can only be used up to 64 km/h (40 mph), after that it switches to AWD AUTO mode.

Pre-facelift Suzuki SX4 hatchback (Europe)
Facelift Suzuki SX4 hatchback (China)

The 2010 SX4 received changes to the grille, taillights, instrument cluster, climate controls and door trim, as well as a restructured cargo hold, removing the fold up rear seats in favour of an 'arena seating' raised rear seat layout. Non-fleet all-wheel-drive models added new rear skid plates. They were also upgraded with front (ventilated) and rear (solid) disc brakes, six airbags (front, side and curtain), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Cruise control and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) - optional in 1.6 litre models.

A new SportBack model offers a lowered sport tuned suspension, body kit, rear spoiler, and also removes the roof rack.[15]

Since the 2010 model year of 2010, the SX4 five door hatchback is available with a 1.6 litre DOHC VVT engine, 2.0 litre DOHC VVT engine J20B (significantly different than the J20A used in 2007 to 2009; not interchangeable) and 2.0 litre DDiS diesel engine (16 valve, 135 PS (99 kW; 133 hp) with 320 N⋅m (240 lb⋅ft) torque) on the AWD version.

The 1.6 litre DOHC VVT engine revised to the new CO2 emission control standards Euro 5 regulations. Engine power was increased from 107 to 120 bhp. The United States received a new 2.0 litre engine (J20B), with the power increased from 143 to 150 bhp, and also lower fuel consumption.

The car is offered with either a new six speed manual, four speed automatic transmission for 1.6 litre engine cars. The continuously variable transmission (CVT) with paddle shifters comes with a 2.0 litre inline-four engine that makes 148 hp (110 kW; 150 PS) at 6000 rpm. On standard six speed manual transmission the same engine produces 150 hp (112 kW; 152 PS) at 6200 rpm.

Production of both body styles ended in Japan in March 2014, with stocks available for sale until October 2014.


Model Displacement Cylinder Power Torque Top speed Consumption Years
Petrol engines
1.5 2WD 1,490 cc (91 cu in) 4 99 PS (73 kW; 98 hp) at 5600 rpm 133 N⋅m (98 lb⋅ft) at 4000 rpm 175 km/h (109 mph) 7.1 l/100 km (40 mpg‑imp; 33 mpg‑US) 2006–2009
1.6 VVT 2WD 1,586 cc (96.8 cu in) 4 107 PS (79 kW; 106 hp) at 5600 rpm 147 N⋅m (108 lb⋅ft) at 4000 rpm 180 km/h (112 mph) 6.8 l/100 km (42 mpg‑imp; 35 mpg‑US) 2006–2009
1.6 VVT i-AWD 170 km/h (106 mph) 7.1 l/100 km (40 mpg‑imp; 33 mpg‑US) 2006–2009
1.6 VVT 2WD 1,586 cc (96.8 cu in) 4 120 PS (88 kW; 118 hp) at 6000 rpm 156 N⋅m (115 lb⋅ft) at 4400 rpm 185 km/h (115 mph) 6.2 l/100 km (46 mpg‑imp; 38 mpg‑US) since 2009
1.6 VVT i-AWD 175 km/h (109 mph) 6.5 l/100 km (43 mpg‑imp; 36 mpg‑US) since 2009
1.8 VVT 2WD 1,796 cc (109.6 cu in) 4 131 PS (96 kW; 129 hp) at 6200 rpm 170 N⋅m (130 lb⋅ft) at 4000 rpm 190 km/h (120 mph) 7.0 l/100 km (40 mpg‑imp; 34 mpg‑US) 2009–2012

China only

2.0 2WD/iAWD 1,995 cc (121.7 cu in) 4 145 PS (107 kW; 143 hp) at 5870 rpm 189 N⋅m (139 lb⋅ft) at 3500 rpm - 2007-2009
2.0 VVT 2WD 152 PS (112 kW; 150 hp) at 6200 rpm 190 N⋅m (140 lb⋅ft) at 4000 rpm 195 km/h (121 mph) 7.3 l/100 km (39 mpg‑imp; 32 mpg‑US) since 2010
2.0 VVT i-AWD 184 km/h (114 mph) 7.6 l/100 km (37 mpg‑imp; 31 mpg‑US) since 2010
Diesel engines
1.6 DDiS 2WD 1,560 cc (95 cu in) 4 90 PS (66 kW; 89 hp) at 4000 rpm 215 N⋅m (159 lb⋅ft) at 1750 rpm 170 km/h (106 mph) 6.4 l/100 km (44 mpg‑imp; 37 mpg‑US) 2007–2008
1.9 DDiS 2WD 1,910 cc (117 cu in) 4 120 PS (88 kW; 118 hp) at 3500 rpm 280 N⋅m (210 lb⋅ft) at 2000 rpm 190 km/h (118 mph) 6.3 l/100 km (45 mpg‑imp; 37 mpg‑US) 2006–2009
1.9 DDiS i-AWD 180 km/h (112 mph) 6.6 l/100 km (43 mpg‑imp; 36 mpg‑US) 2006–2009
2.0 DDiS 2WD 1,956 cc (119.4 cu in) 4 135 PS (99 kW; 133 hp) at 4000 rpm 320 N⋅m (240 lb⋅ft) at 1500 rpm 190 km/h (118 mph) 4.9 l/100 km (58 mpg‑imp; 48 mpg‑US) since 2009
2.0 DDiS i-AWD 180 km/h (112 mph) 5.5 l/100 km (51 mpg‑imp; 43 mpg‑US) since 2009
  • i-AWD = Intelligent All Wheel Drive System

Maruti Suzuki version[edit]

Maruti Suzuki SX4

In 2007, Maruti Suzuki launched the Indian version of the SX4 sedan with minor cosmetic differences compared to the models assembled and marketed elsewhere.

The cars were initially equipped with the 1.6 litre gasoline engine, without VVT, with 102 PS (75 kW; 101 hp) at 5,600 rpm and 140 N⋅m (100 lb⋅ft) of torque at 4,000 rpm. It was later updated to the 1.6 litre engine with VVT.

Maruti introduced a compressed natural gas (CNG) factory fitted kit in August 2010.

In February 2011, a diesel version was introduced.[16] It uses the Fiat 1.3 litre (DDiS) engine with variable geometry turbo. This engine is also used in the Fiat Linea and Punto.

Model Displacement Cylinder Power Torque Top speed Consumption Years
Petrol engine
1.6 VVT 2WD 1,586 cc (96.8 cu in) 4 105 PS (77 kW; 104 hp) at 5600 rpm
CNG mode: 87 PS (64 kW; 86 hp) at 5600 rpm
145 N⋅m (107 lb⋅ft) at 4100 rpm
CNG mode: 122 N⋅m (90 lb⋅ft) at 4000 rpm
180 km/h (112 mph)
CNG mode: 170 km/h (106 mph)
6.8 l/100 km (42 mpg‑imp; 35 mpg‑US)
CNG mode: 4.8 kg/100 km (21 km/kg; 6 mi/lb)
since 2008
CNG kit: since 2010
Diesel engine
1.3 DDiS 2WD 1,248 cc (76.2 cu in) 4 90 PS (66 kW; 89 hp) at 4000 rpm 200 N⋅m (150 lb⋅ft) at 1750 rpm 170 km/h (106 mph) 4.7 l/100 km (60 mpg‑imp; 50 mpg‑US) since 2011


Suzuki SX4-FCV (Fuel-Cell Vehicle) shown at 2009 Automotive Engineering Exposition in Yokohama, Japan

An experimental Suzuki concept car using alternative power includes an 80 kW hydrogen fuel cell and 68 kW electric motor. The car has top speed of 150 km/h (93 mph) with 250 km range. The car was unveiled in 2008 Hokkaido Tōyako summit,[17] and later in 2008 Paris International Motor Show.[18]

Suzuki SX4 WRC[edit]

At the 2007 Geneva Motor Show, Suzuki announced it would enter the FIA World Rally Championship, with the factory backed Suzuki World Rally Team in the World Rally Car category in 2007, using the Suzuki SX4 WRC.

Second generation (2013–present)[edit]

Second generation
2013-2016 Suzuki SX4 (JY) GL wagon (2018-08-06) 01.jpg
Also called
  • Suzuki SX4 S-Cross
  • Suzuki S-Cross Fengyu (China)[19]
  • Suzuki SX4 Crossover (Taiwan)[20]
  • Maruti Suzuki S-Cross (India)[21]
  • Chevrolet S-Cross (Ecuador)[22]
AssemblyChina: Chongqing (Changan Suzuki)
Hungary: Esztergom (Magyar Suzuki)
India: Gurgaon (Maruti Suzuki)[23]
Body and chassis
ClassCompact crossover SUV
Body style5-door SUV
LayoutFront-engine, front-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive
RelatedSuzuki Vitara IV
Suzuki Ciaz
Engine1.0 L K10C Boosterjet turbo I3 (petrol)
1.4 L K14C Boosterjet turbo I4 (petrol)
1.5 L M15A I4 (petrol) (Indonesia)
1.6 L M16A I4 (petrol)
1.3 L D13A DDiS I4 (turbodiesel)
1.6 L D16A DDiS I4 (turbodiesel)[24]
Transmission5-speed manual
6-speed manual
4-speed automatic
6-speed automatic
Wheelbase2,600 mm (102.4 in)
Length4,300 mm (169.3 in)
Width1,765 mm (69.5 in)
Height1,575 mm (62.0 in)

At the Paris Motor Show in September 2012, Suzuki unveiled S-Cross Concept, a futuristic study of a compact crossover, as introduction of an upcoming production model.[25][26] At that time, Suzuki announced that the S-Cross would be a new model, not a replacement for SX4, whose production was scheduled to continue.[27]

The new SX4 S-Cross design, loosely based on the S-Cross concept, was unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Compared to its predecessor it grew in all directions, being 4,300 mm (169.3 in) long, 1,765 mm (69.5 in) wide and 1,575–1,580 mm (62.0–62.2 in) tall. The wheelbase measures 2,600 mm (102.4 in), 100 mm (3.9 in) more than the earlier model. These dimensions provided additional interior and boot space, 430 litres (15 cu ft) compared with 270 litres (9.5 cu ft) liters.[28] The SX4 S-Cross is built at the Magyar Suzuki plant in Hungary.[29] Production of the old SX4 was continued in parallel.

Suzuki SX4 S-Cross GL (Australia)
Facelift Suzuki SX4 S-Cross SZ5 DDIS (United Kingdom)

The European model went on sale in the autumn of 2013. Early models include choice of 1.6-litre petrol engine or 1.6-litre diesel engine, based on Fiat Multijet technology, with manual or CVT transmission.[30][31][32] The new model is Suzuki only, as Fiat was replacing the Sedici with the new 500X.

The SX4 S-Cross is not available in the United States and Canada, since Suzuki has withdrawn from these markets,[33][34][35] but it is offered in Brazil and Mexico.[36] It has been launched in India in September 2015, as the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross via NEXA outlets only with the DDiS engine.[37][38] For the Indonesian market, the SX4 S-Cross based on the was launched at the 24th Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show on 11 August 2016, being fully imported from India.

Facelift (2017–present)[edit]

The SX4 S-Cross design was updated for 2017 with a new front end and more efficient headlights. The position lamps now have energy-saving LEDs and function as daytime running lights. The new model also gets a heart transplant, swapping out the old 86 kW/156Nm 1.6-litre atmo four-cylinder (List of Suzuki engines) for a far punchier 103 kW/220Nm 1.4-litre 'Boosterjet' turbo four shared with the Suzuki Vitara, paired to a six-speed automatic transmission as standard.

All SX4 S-Cross models get FWD as standard with AWD optional. An all-wheel drive vehicle 4x4 (AWD) system dubbed "AllGrip" that was introduced and later on the Suzuki Vitara. It has four selectable driving modes and is claimed to send torque to the rear wheels before a loss in traction can occur.

The facelifted version of the SX4 S-Cross was launched in India on 28 September 2017 and in Indonesia on 10 November 2017. In India, the facelifted model is only available in a mild-hybrid setup, with a 48-volt belted alternator-starter unit coupled to the 1.3-litre turbodiesel engine and a 5-speed manual transmission.


The SX4 S-Cross achieved a maximum five-star Euro NCAP safety rating when it was first released in 2013.


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