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Suzy Kellems Dominik
Born (1961-11-05) November 5, 1961 (age 57)
I Can Feel, In Her Dreams, Badassery
RelativesVivien Kellems (aunt)

Suzy Kellems Dominik (born 1961) is an American multi-disciplinary artist and emotional autobiographer whose work addresses themes of human sexuality, feminist thought, and interpersonal relationships. She is best known for her work, “I Can Feel" [1] a 12-foot neon sculpture of a vulva exhibited at the Nautilus Hotel South Beach[2] during the 2017 Art Basel Miami Beach.

Kellems Dominik lives and works between San Francisco, California, the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and Jackson, Wyoming.



Prompted by her 50th year of life, Kellems Dominik began an investigation into conventional definitions of feminism, social justice and individual liberty. She has gone on to create work that examines the role of female sensuality and agency in opposition to oppressively male-centric social and aesthetic conventions. Drawing on the endlessly expressive qualities of film, performance, photography, sculpture, and mixed media, Kellems Dominik explores objectification and the male gaze, goddess worship, female sexuality and agency, as well as immersion into her personal biography and that of the pain of loss and survival.[3]

I Can Feel[edit]

I Can Feel [4] is a 12-foot-tall neon sculpture of a vagina that flashes on a 27.68-second loop. Kellems Dominik describes it as a self-portrait that depicts her emotional and physical reclamation and independence. It is an animated short story, informed by the biological and classical female forms and grounded in religious iconography.

"I Can Feel is a neon sculpture and light show, and it is literally as obvious as it seems, it is an orgasm. It’s truly the reclamation of my physical and emotional independence. I think it’s important that we as people know our bodies, know how they work, how we feel, and how they interrelate with our emotions." [5]

“Our emotions, our intellect and our bodies can come together in this glorious release of humanity, and an orgasm is a pretty remarkable thing,” Dominik told Observer. “And to distill myself poetically down to that moment, I think is a very interesting artistic device.” [6]

I Can Feel was featured in several publications including New York (magazine)'s The Cut,[7] W (magazine),[8] Elle (magazine),[9] Observer Media,[10] DuJour Media,[11] L'Etage Magazine,[12] Voyage MIA,[13] Well+Good,[14] forbes,[15] The Guardian,[16] and Cool Hunting.[17] It was shown at the Nautilus Hotel South Beach during the 2017 Art Basel Miami Beach.

In Her Dreams[edit]

In Her Dreams is the third in a trio of multi-sensory installations dissecting human interaction, relationships, and expectations. The artwork explores the relationship between a young woman and her bed.

"The bed serves as a partner – a reservoir for her hopes, dreams, and disappointments. I invite you to touch and investigate the many layers of the bed and to take photos in and amongst the sheets. For the truly adventurous, strip the bed down to the mattress cover, to where all implied promises go to die – in a wet spot."

In Her Dreams exhibited at Freehand Hotel Miami [18] during the 2015 Art Basel Miami Beach,[19] Coup D'État San Francisco in 2016, and Condizione Paris [20] 2018 curated by Prada architect Robert Baciocchi.

Dangerous Dance[edit]

Dangerous Dance explores the basic human need to be seen, heard, and valued. It is a silent experiential video structurally built upon a musical eight count. In the short film the artist confronts the viewer with movement inspired by Mark Morris (choreographer). Dangerous Dance exhibited at Coup D'État San Francisco in 2016.

Hateful Love[edit]

The second incarnation of Kellems Dominik's signature Badassery, Hateful Love communicates the polarity of love through striking text and soft, delicate imagery. Hateful Love exhibited at SCOPE Art Show,[21] during the 2015 Art Basel Miami Beach.


Badassery is a collection of witty words and phrases that allow you to curate your own attitude through print. Badassery exhibited at Tokyo International Art Fair in May 2015 and Affordable Art Fair New York in 2014.

Beatrice – To Hell and Back[edit]

Beatrice – To Hell and Back is an installation that delves through the traumatic layers of a modern story with a historic soul, inspired by the tale of insufficient and selfish love as seen in Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy and La Vita Nuova (1295). To Hell and Back exhibited at Onishi Project[22] New York in 2014

Bear Attack – The Urban Bear[edit]

In 2014, Kellems Dominik celebrated her first exhibition in a gallery space. The works entitled Bear Attack would become the first in a trio of multi-sensory installations exploring the interpersonal relationships between men and women. The show combined a large-scale photographic triptych, the written word, a multi-layered soundtrack, video, taxidermy, and a cabinet of curiosities.

The artwork was inspired by a sign seen in a national park, “Be alert. Make noise. Carry bear spray. Avoid hiking alone. Do not run.” Kellems Dominik found direct parallels to rape culture and the experience of being a women; she sought to expose “the bears” that walk among us.

“Terror is explored through three phases of a young woman’s life: youth, young adulthood, and established womanhood. Despite the young woman’s intelligence, worldliness, and command of her environment, she is unable to protect herself emotionally and/or physically from the insidious nature of the “Bear.” Love, hope, desire, need, and longing are perverted into something dangerous, terrifying, and unexpected."[23]

The exhibition went on to show at Onishi Project[24] and at Ian Schrager's Public Hotel in Chicago in 2014.


Box of Sin[edit]

Box of Sin,[25] is the first work in a series of micro installations exploring the Seven deadly sins. The project integrates sculpture, multi-media photographic images, the written word, and a layered soundtrack. Produced in collaboration with Coup d'État, San Francisco 2014.


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