Svapnesvara Siva Temple

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Svapnesvara Siva temple
DeityLord Shiva
Svapnesvara Siva Temple is located in Odisha
Svapnesvara Siva Temple
Location in Orissa
Geographic coordinates20°14′27″N 85°50′39″E / 20.24083°N 85.84417°E / 20.24083; 85.84417Coordinates: 20°14′27″N 85°50′39″E / 20.24083°N 85.84417°E / 20.24083; 85.84417
TypeKalingan Style (Kalinga Architecture)
Elevation16 m (52 ft)

Svapnesvara Siva temple is in Gourinagar, Old Town, Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa. It is 200 m northeast of Purvesvara Siva temple. The temple is facing east. The 2 m2 sanctum is empty.

Physical description[edit]


The temple is surrounded by private residential buildings in south and west directions at a distance of 3 m. In the east are a road and a drain in the north. The temple faces east.

Architectural features (plan and elevation)[edit]

The temple stands on a high pista decorated with three mouldings measuring 50.80 m in length x 5.75 m in width with 0.92 m in height.

On plan, the temple is pancharatha with a square vimana and a frontal porch towards east. The vimana measures 4.65 square metres and porch 0.15 m width.

On elevation, temple is in rekha order with usual bada, gandi and mastaka measuring 10.00 m from pabhaga to mastaka. The bada of the temple measures 2.85 m in height with threefold division of trianga bada. Pabhaga has five mouldings measuring 0.70 m, plain jangha measuring 1.65 m and the baranda with five moulding measured 0.50 m in height. The gandi measures 5.10 m and is plain and devoid of ornamentation except at the base which is decorated with chaitya designs.

Raha niche and parsva devatas[edit]

The parsvadevata niches on the raha paga of the jangha on the three sides of north, west and south direction measure 0.75 m in height x 0.45 m in width and 0.29 m in depth. They are empty and devoid of ornamentation.

Decorative features[edit]

  • Doorjambs: The doorjambs are recent additions installed during the renovation work and are without any carving.
  • Lintel: The lintel is a renovated one.

The building material used for the construction is light grey sandstone, and the construction technique is dry masonry.

The style is Kalingan. Originally the temple was constructed over a lofty pista with three mouldings.

State of preservation[edit]

Svapnesvara Siva temple was repaired by Orissa State Archaeology under the X and XI Finance Commission Award. Due to the recent[when?] renovation work, the temple is in a good state of preservation. It was totally renovated from pista to kalasa.

Classification Grade
Architecture B
Historic C
Associational C
Social/Cultural C

Threats to the property[edit]

Some of the conservation problems the temple is facing is that stagnation of drain water in the northern side of the platform will weaken the foundation in the long run.

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