Svartsengi Power Station

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Svartsengi Power Station
Iceland Geothermal facility.jpg
The Blue Lagoon with the power station in the background.
Svartsengi Power Station is located in Iceland
Svartsengi Power Station
Location of Svartsengi Power Station in Iceland
Country Iceland
Location Keflavík
Coordinates 63°52′43″N 22°25′58″W / 63.87861°N 22.43278°W / 63.87861; -22.43278Coordinates: 63°52′43″N 22°25′58″W / 63.87861°N 22.43278°W / 63.87861; -22.43278
Status Operational
Commission date 1976
Owner(s) HS Orka
Power generation
Thermal capacity 150 MW
Nameplate capacity 76.5 MW

The Svartsengi Power Station (Svartsengi (Icelandic pronunciation: [ˈsvar̥sˌɛi̯ɲcɪ]); "black meadow" in Icelandic) is a geothermal power station located about 4 km north of Grindavík, Iceland, near the Keflavík International Airport on the Reykjanes Peninsula. As of December 2007, it produces 76.5 MW of energy, and about 475 litres/second of 90 °C (194 °F) hot water (ca. 80 MWt). Surplus mineral-rich water from the plant fills up the Blue Lagoon, a popular bathing resort.

Carbon Recycling International's first renewable methanol plant is located next to Svartsengi.

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