Svatopluk II

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Svatopluk II
Svatopluk I.jpg
Svatopluk II as one of the three sons of Svatopluk I on a picture
Prince in Moravia (maybe of Nitra)
PredecessorSvatopluk I
SuccessorMojmir II
Bornc. 884
HouseHouse of Mojmír
FatherSvatopluk I

Svatopluk II or Svätopluk II (Latin: Zentobolchus) was a member of the House of Mojmír and Prince in Moravia (maybe of Nitra) from 894 to 899, as which he strove to control all of Great Moravia.


Svatopluk II was a younger son of Svatopluk I. As Prince of Nitra, Svatopluk II was subordinated to his older brother Mojmír II, the King of Great Moravia which contained the principality as its province. Svatopluk II rebelled against his brother in 898 in an attempt to take over control of Great Moravia. Their conflict climaxed when Bavarian troops intervened in the winter of 898/899. Mojmír II defeated the Bavarians and captured Svatopluk II, but the Bavarians managed to rescue him and brought him to East Francia. Svatopluk II returned to the Principality of Nitra in 901. He probably died in 906 in fights with the Hungarians, who began to invade the Carpathian Basin in 896. Historical records contain no mention of Mojmír II, Svatopluk II, or their possible successors in connection with the three battles of Bratislava where the invading tribes defeated the Bavarian army.