Svay Rieng Province

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Svay Rieng
Svay Rieng Province
Official seal of Svay Rieng
Map of Cambodia highlighting Svay Rieng
Map of Cambodia highlighting Svay Rieng
Coordinates: 11°4′N 105°49′E / 11.067°N 105.817°E / 11.067; 105.817Coordinates: 11°4′N 105°49′E / 11.067°N 105.817°E / 11.067; 105.817
Country Cambodia
Provincial status1907
CapitalSvay Rieng Municipality
Largest cityBavet Municipality
 • GovernorChieng Am (CPP)
 • Total2,966 km2 (1,145 sq mi)
Area rank21st
 • TotalIncrease 525,497
 • Rank13th
 • Density177/km2 (460/sq mi)
 • Density rank6th
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)
Dialing code+855
ISO 3166 codeKH-20

Svay Rieng (Khmer: ស្វាយរៀង, IPA: [sʋaːj riəŋ]) is a province (khaet) in Cambodia. Located in the southeast, the province juts into Vietnam, which surrounds it to the north, east and south. The only other Cambodian province to border Svay Rieng is Prey Veng. The capital is Svay Rieng while the largest city is Bavet, which is the international border between Cambodia and Vietnam.

Districts and municipalities[edit]

The province is subdivided into 6 districts and 2 municipalities.

ISO Code District Khmer
20-01 Chanthrea ស្រុកចន្ទ្រា
20-02 Kampong Rou ស្រុកកំពង់រោទិ៍
20-03 Romdoul ស្រុករំដួល
20-04 Romeas Haek ស្រុករមាសហែក
20-05 Svay Chrom ស្រុកស្វាយជ្រំ
20-06 Svay Rieng Municipality ក្រុងស្វាយរៀង
20-07 Svay Theab ស្រុកស្វាយទាប
20-08 Bavet Municipality ក្រុងបាវិត

These 6 districts and 2 municipalities are subdivided into 80 khums and 690 phums.


A portion of the province juts into Vietnam, the Parrot's Beak (Vietnamese: Mỏ Vẹt).



Svay Rieng Province is the birthplace of the Cambodian coconut dance.[2] It originated around 1960 in Romeas Haek District. The dance is a performance with coconuts involving men and women.

Notable people[edit]


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