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Svea hovrätt
Svea hovrätt
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Coordinates59°19′30″N 18°03′45″E / 59.325°N 18.0625°E / 59.325; 18.0625
Appeals toSupreme Court of Sweden
The Wrangel Palace on Riddarholmen, the seat of the Svea Court of Appeal.

The Svea Court of Appeal (Swedish: Svea hovrätt), located in Stockholm, is one of six appellate courts in the Swedish legal system. It is located in the Wrangel Palace, on Riddarholmen islet in Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm.


The Svea Court of Appeal was founded in 1614 and was the highest court in Sweden until 1789, when the Supreme Court of Sweden was established.

Among people sentenced to death by the court was Nicolaus Olai Campanius, convicted for being a Catholic, and Jacob Johan Anckarström, convicted for the assassination of Gustaf III of Sweden.


The Svea Court of Appeal is located in several buildings on Riddarholmen. Apart from the Wrangel Palace, which is the main building, it also has divisions in i.a. the Hessenstein Palace, the Stenbock Palace and the Schering-Rosenhane Palace.

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