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Sveinung Bjørnson Svalastoga (1772–1809) was a Norwegian rose painter, poet and woodcarver.[1]


Sveinung Bjørnson Svalastoga was born in the community of Vinje in Rauland, Telemark County. He was the son of Bjorn Bjornson Gardsjord (1731-1782) and Ingebjørg Rikard Dotter Svalastoga (1730-1776). He was born on the farm Svalastoga, one of the area's oldest farm.

Sveinung Svalastoga painted living room interiors, cupboards, chests and bowl with powerful and colorful designs, often randomly placed. Many of his works have been retained, both room decorations as well as smaller objects like chests and cupboards. He was also known for the mystical figures he cut and carved from twisted mountain pines, such as a mystical woman and her man, and a fairy tale princess set up at the corner of the storehouse. In addition, he often painted figures, especially biblical and mythological, with a naive touch.

Svalastoga probably had two working winters in Numedal, first 1801-1802 and then 1806-07. A major work is the living room interior at Nordigard Berdal in Vinje from 1802. In 1803, he also painted the altarpiece of the new church in Rauland (Rauland kyrkje).[2] [3][4]


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