Sven Ludvig Lovén

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Sven Ludvig Lovén

Sven Ludvig Lovén (6 January 1809 – 3 September 1895), was a Swedish marine zoologist and malacologist.

Several geographical locations at Svalbard are named after him. These include the headland Kapp Lovén at Nordaustlandet,[1] the mountain Lovénberget in Ny-Friesland at Spitsbergen,[2] the lake Lovénvatnet in Oscar II Land,[3] and the glaciers Lovénbreane at Brøggerhalvøya.[4]


Lovenula falcifera, now Paradiaptomus

The World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) lists 174 marine species named by Lovén. Many of these have become synonyms. Two species he named, the hydrozoan Lovenella clausa (Lovenellidae) and the crustacean Lovenula falcifera (now Paradiaptomus), were in genera named after him by other zoologists.[5]


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