Svenska Dagbladet Gold Medal

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Svenska Dagbladet Gold Medal
Date1925 (1925)-
Presented bySvenska Dagbladet

The Svenska Dagbladet Gold Medal (Swedish: Svenska Dagbladets guldmedalj, but usually simply called Bragdguldet, "The Feat Gold") is an annual award "for the most significant Swedish sports achievement of the year". It has been awarded by a jury led by the Swedish morning paper Svenska Dagbladet since 1925. According to its statutes the Medal may be awarded in November or December to either an individual sportsperson or a team. An individual can be awarded the Medal no more than twice, and to receive a second medal, that athlete must be "regarded a class of his own".

List of gold medalists[edit]











See also[edit]

  • Radiosportens Jerringpris, a prize established by the sport section of Sveriges Radio where the radio audience votes on the Swedish athlete or team that has made the best sport performance of the year


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