Svenska Scoutförbundet

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Svenska Scoutförbundet
Svenska Scoutförbundet.svg
Country Sweden
Founded 1909
Membership 55,000 (As of 2011)[1]
Affiliation Svenska Scoutrådet
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Svenska Scoutförbundet (SSF) (English: The Swedish Guide and Scout Association) founded in 1909, is Sweden's largest Scouting organization with 41,945 members (12 November 2007). The approach of Scouting is interreligious.


Vässarö is a Scout camp site located on the island of Vässarö (sometimes Vässarön or Wessarö) in the archipelago of Öregrund. It is owned and run by the Stockholm District of the Svenska Scoutförbundet.

Vässarö was long used for farming but was bought in 1936 by sea captain Ragnar Westin, who planned to use it for his retirement. But in 1942 his ship was torpedoed and he died. In his will he stated that the island was to be donated to the Scout Group of Stockholm.[2]

In 1956 the first confirmation camp for Boy Scouts was held. The first camp for Girl Guides was 1966.

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