Svenska normallyceum i Helsingfors

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Svenska normallyceum
Svenska Normallyceum (Ruotsalainen Normaalilyseo) - N253464 - hkm.HKMS000005-000005m5.jpg

School typeLyceum

Svenska normallyceum i Helsingfors (Norsen) was a Swedish school in the Kaartinkaupunki district of Helsinki between 1864 and 1977. The school was only for boys until 1974 when it became a co-educational school.[1]


Svenska normallyceum was established on the initiative of Johan Vilhelm Snellman in 1864. The school was initially called Helsingfors normalskola, but the name was changed in 1874. As a normal school, Norsen offered prospective teachers auscultation opportunities, which is why it included both classical and realschule education.[2] Between 1867-1872 the school had a department for Finnish-speaking students.[3]

The school was located on Aleksanterinkatu 6 for the first few years and then on Kasarmikatu 48 between 1867-1878. Norsen was then temporarily located in a rented facility at Ratakatu 2,[1] while a new school building designed by architect Axel Hampus Dahlström was being built. In 1880 the school moved to the new building on Unioninkatu 2, where it remained.[2]

Svenska Normallyceum i Helsingfors

Norsen was a boys' school until 1974 when it was merged with the girls' school Svenska Flicklyceet i Helsingfors and formed a co-educational school. In 1977 the school was split into the högstadium Högstadieskolan Svenska normallyceum and the gymnasium Ottelinska Gymnasiet, now Gymnasiet Svenska normallyceum.[1]

Famous alumni[edit]


  • Julius Efraim Bergroth 1864-1870
  • Alfred Kihlman 1871-1895
  • Carl Johan Lindeqvist 1896-1900
  • Vilhelm Theodor Rosenqvist 1900-1918


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