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Sverigeflyg Ostersundsflyg Saab 2000.JPG
IATA ICAO Callsign
DC GAO Braathens
Founded 2001
Hubs Stockholm-Bromma
Destinations 16
Headquarters Visby

Sverigeflyg is the main brand for the seven Swedish regional airlines Blekingeflyg, Flysmaland, Braathens Regional, Gotlandsflyg, Kalmarflyg, Kullaflyg, and Sundsvallsflyg. The actual air operator of all of their operations however is Braathens Regional.


Sverigeflyg was founded in 2001 by Chairman of the board Pigge Werkelin and CEO Michael Juniwik, both from Gotland. In 2011 the majority of the shares in Sverigeflyg was bought by Braathens Aviation. Sverigeflyg is part of ELFAA.


Sverigeflyg route map 2012

The following routes are offered by Sverigeflyg's brands:

  • Blekingeflyg: Ronneby–Stockholm/Bromma
  • Braatens Regional: Trollhättan-Stockholm/Bromma
  • Gotlandsflyg: Visby–Stockholm/Bromma, Visby-Gothenburg City Airport/Säve, Visby–Malmö, Visby-Ängelholm (summer), Visby-Sundsvall (summer), Visby-Helsinki (summer), Visby-Umeå (summer) and Visby-Norrköping (summer).
  • Kalmarflyg: Kalmar–Stockholm/Bromma.
  • Kullaflyg: Ängelholm–Bromma, Ängelholm–Visby (summer), Ängelholm–Mora (winter), Halmstad-Stockholm/Bromma.
  • Sundsvallsflyg: Sundsvall–Stockholm/Bromma, Sundsvall–Visby (summer).
  • Flysmaland: Växjö–Stockholm/Bromma and Växjö-Stockholm-Arlanda.


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