Sveta Barbara

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For the settlement in the Municipality of Šmarje pri Jelšah known as Sveta Barbara until 1955, see Vinski Vrh pri Šmarju
Sveta Barbara
Sveta Barbara is located in Slovenia
Sveta Barbara
Sveta Barbara
Location in Slovenia
Coordinates: 46°7′32.95″N 14°18′58.47″E / 46.1258194°N 14.3162417°E / 46.1258194; 14.3162417Coordinates: 46°7′32.95″N 14°18′58.47″E / 46.1258194°N 14.3162417°E / 46.1258194; 14.3162417
Country Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia
Traditional region Upper Carniola
Statistical region Upper Carniola
Municipality Škofja Loka
 • Total 8.24 km2 (3.18 sq mi)
Elevation 621.3 m (2,038.4 ft)
Population (2016)
 • Total 159

Sveta Barbara (pronounced [ˈsʋeːta ˈbaːɾbaɾa]; German: Sankt Barbara[2]) is a settlement in the Municipality of Škofja Loka in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia.

The local church is dedicated to Saint Barbara and the settlement is named after it. It is Late Gothic, with the sanctuary dating to 1448. Badly preserved mid- to late-15th century frescos on the south wall also indicate this date. The main altar dates to 1682 and the bell to 1692. The side altars and the pulpit are from the 18th century.[3]


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