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Telecommunication tower of the RTV Slovenija

With its height of 1,178 metres (3,865 ft),[1] Sveta Gera (Croatian: "Mount St. Gertrude") or Trdina Peak (Slovene: Trdinov vrh) along the border between southeastern Slovenia and Croatia is the highest peak of the Žumberak Mountains. The summit is subject to a border dispute between Croatia and Slovenia.


The peak was originally called Sveta Gera in Croatian and Sveta Jera in Slovene (Mount St. Gertrude) after the 15th-century church of Saint Gertrude some hundred meters from the highest point of the peak. In June 1921, however, the president of the Novo Mesto Mountaineering Club Ferdinand Seidl proposed to rename it after Janez Trdina, an ardent describer of the region. The proposal was submitted to the central Yugoslav government, which published a decree on the new name on 1 July 1922.[2] On 15 August 1923, the peak was ceremonially renamed by a Slovene girl, while the accompanying ecclesiastic rituals were performed by a Croatian priest.[3]


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