Sveta Nedilja

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Sveta Nedilja

Sveta Nedjelja  (Croatian)
Church of Sveta Nedilja
Church of Sveta Nedilja
Sveta Nedilja is located in Croatia
Sveta Nedilja
Sveta Nedilja
Location of Sveta Nedilja
Coordinates: 43°08′10″N 16°35′20″E / 43.13611°N 16.58889°E / 43.13611; 16.58889Coordinates: 43°08′10″N 16°35′20″E / 43.13611°N 16.58889°E / 43.13611; 16.58889
Country Croatia
 • Total131
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Area code(s)+385 (0)21

Sveta Nedilja, officially known as Sveta Nedjelja (by local Chakavian dialect: Svijeta Nedija), is a small village on the Croatian island of Hvar. It is located near the city of Hvar and it has 131 residents (2011).[1]


Sveta Nedilja lies on a sheer cliff at the foot of Sv. Nikola (St. Nicholas; 626 metres) the highest peak of the island, below a cave which was inhabited back in the Neolithic.

The cave served as the site for an Augustinian monastery in the Middle Ages. The monastery, which existed from the 15th century to 1787, was built in a large opening of the cave where there is also a spring. Today, only the monastery church and a part of a shell of a house are preserved.

The village, which lies half way to the cave, is reached from the sea by a winding path which snakes up through pine woods. A new church was built in the village this century. It has a painting "St. Jerome and the Saints" by Baldassare d'Anna, and a crucifix by Juraj Plančić (1899–1930).

Wine tradition[edit]

Sveta Nedilja is well known for its wine tradition. Vineyards are located on steep south slopes above the village. Wine from this region is characterized by a strong red color and fullness of flavor. Plavac Mali is the most typical red wine grape variety.[2] It is also a hometown of a famous Zlatan Otok winery established in 1986 by Zlatan Plenkovic.[3]


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