Sveti Rok

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Sveti Rok
A farm near Sveti Rok and Velebit Mountain.
A farm near Sveti Rok and Velebit Mountain.
Country Croatia
County Lika-Senj County
Municipality Lovinac
Population (2001)
 • Total 292
Time zone UTC+1 Central European Time
Sveti Rok is located in Croatia
Sveti Rok

Sveti Rok is a small village in the Lovinac municipality, in Lika–Senj County, Croatia. Sveti Rok has a population of 292. The majority of the population are Croats.


Until 1918, Sveti Rok (named SANCT ROCH before 1850) was part of the Austrian monarchy (Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia after the compromise of 1867), in the Croatian Military Frontier, Likaner Regiment N°I.[1] The village named after Saint Roch.

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