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Max Frei (Макс Фрай)
Max Frei.jpg
Max Frei in 2007
Born Svetlana Yuryevna Martynchik (Светлана Юрьевна Мартынчик/Світлана Юріївна Мартинчик)
(1965-02-22) 22 February 1965 (age 50)[citation needed]
Odessa, Soviet Union
Genre Fantasy
Spouse Igor Steopin

Max Frei (Russian: Макс Фрай) is the pen name of Svetlana Yuryevna Martynchik (Russian: Светла́на Ю́рьевна Марты́нчик; Ukrainian: Світлана Юріївна Мартинчик) (born 1965 in Odessa, Ukraine, Soviet Union), a Russophone Ukrainian[1] fantasy writer.[2] Svetlana collaborates on her books with her spouse, artist Igor Steopin. She writes in Russian and currently resides in Vilnius, Lithuania, while keeping Ukrainian citizenship.


Martynchik studied philology at Odessa State University, but dropped out without graduating. From 1986 she collaborated with artist Igor Steopin, whom she later married. The couple moved to Moscow, Russia, in 1993, to work at Marat Gelman's gallery. There, Svetlana started writing fantasy books.

The pen name, Max Frei, was invented by Martynchik and Steopin for their works on comic fantasy series Labyrinths of Echo ("Лабиринты Eхо"). The plot follows the eponymous narrator, sir Max, as he leaves our "real" world for phantasmagoric fantasy city of Echo. There, he becomes a member of special service that controls the use of magic. The books are written by Martynchik, while Steopin developed the Echo universe and illustrated the books. Along with her Echo books, Frei also participated in several literary projects. She compiled Fram, a series of short story anthologies by Amphora publishing house.

The couple moved to Vilnius, Lithuania, in 2004, out of their dislike of megapolises.[1] There, Max Frei wrote three parts of magic realist Tales of the Old Vilnius.


Labyrinths of Echo[edit]

  • Чужак (Stranger, 1996)
  • Волонтёры Вечности (Volunteers of Eternity, 1996)
  • Простые волшебные вещи (Simple magic things, 1997)
  • Тёмная сторона (The Dark Side, 1997)
  • Вершитель (The Executor, 1997—1998)
  • Наваждения (Illusions, 1998)
  • Власть несбывшегося (Power of Unfulfilled, 1998)
  • Болтливый мертвец (A Chatting Dead, 1999)
  • Лабиринт Мёнина (Labyrinth of Mönin, 2003)

Cycle of books "My Ragnarok"[edit]

  • Гнёзда химер. Хроники Овёттганы. (Nests of chimeras. Chronicles of Ovёtganna (editorial version) (1997))
  • Гнёзда химер. Хроники Хугайды (Nests of chimeras. Chronicles of Hugayda (author's version) (1999))
  • Мой Рагнарёк (My Ragnarok, 1998)

Cycle of books "Chronicles of Echo"[edit]

  • Чуб Земли. История, рассказанная сером Максом из Ехо (Chub the Earth. The story told by Sir Max from Echo, 2004)
  • Туланский детектив. История, рассказанная леди Меламори Блимм (Tulane Detective. The story told by lady Melamory Blimm, 2004)
  • Властелин Морморы. История, рассказанная сером Джуффином Халли (Lord of the Marmore. The story told by Sir Dzhuffin Halley, 2005)
  • Неуловимый Хабба Хен. История, рассказанная сером Максом из Ехо (Elusive Habba Heng. The story told by Sir

Max from Echo, 2005)

  • Ворона на мосту. История, рассказанная сером Шурфом Лонли-Локли (Crow on the bridge. The story told by Sir Shurf Lonely - Lockley, 2006)
  • Горе господина Гро. История, рассказанная сером Кофой Йохом (Woe to Mr. Gro. The story told by Sir Cofa Joch, 2007)
  • Обжора - хохотун. История, рассказанная сером Мелифаро (Glutton - Headed Gull. The story told by Sir Melifaro, 2010)
  • Дар Шаванахолы. История, рассказанная сером Максом из Ехо (Gift from Shavanahola. The story told by Sir Max from Echo, 2011)
  • Тубурская игра. История, рассказанная сером Нумминорихом Кутой (Tubur Game. The story told by Sir Numminorih Kuta, 2013)

Cycle of books "Echo's Dreams"[edit]

  • Мастер ветров и закатов (The Master of Winds and Sundowns, 2014)
  • Слишком много кошмаров (Too Many Horrors, 2015)
  • Вся правда о нас (The Whole Truth About Us, 2015)

Chronicles of Echo[edit]

  • Чуб земли, Туланский детектив (The Earth’s Tuft, Tulanian Detective, 2005)
  • Властелин Морморы (Lord of Mormora, 2005)
  • Неуловимый Хабба Хэн (Elusive Habba Han, 2005)
  • Ворона на мосту (A Crow at the Bridge, 2006)
  • Горе господина Гро (Mr. Gro’s Grief, 2007)
  • Обжора-Хохотун (A Gluttony Jovial, 2010)
  • Дар Шаванахолы (The Gift of Shavanahola, 2011)
  • Тубурская игра (The Tuburian Game, 2013)

Dreams of Echo[edit]

  • Мастер ветров и закатов (Master of Winds and Aunsets, 2014)
  • Слишком много кошмаров (Too Many Nightmares, 2015)


  • Гнёзда химер (Chimeras’ Nests, 1997)
  • Мой Рагнарёк (My Ragnarok, 1998)
  • Энциклопедия Мифов (Encyclopedia of Myths)
  • Идеальный роман (An Ideal Novel, 1999)
  • Книга для таких, как я (Book for the Likes of Me, 2002)
  • Жалобная книга (A Petition Book, 2003)
  • Книга одиночеств (Book of Loneliness, 2004) —— with Linor Goralik.
  • Сказки и истории (Tales and Stories, 2004)
  • Ключ из жёлтого металла (Yellow Metal Key, 2009)
  • Большая телега (A Big Carriage, 2009)
  • Одна и та же книга (The Very Same Book, 2010)
  • Первая линия (First line, 2012)
  • Вторая линия (Second Line, 2012)
  • Сказки старого Вильнюса (Tales of the Old Vilnius, 2012)


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