Svetlogorsk-II railway station

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View of the station
Location33, Lenina Str, Svetlogorsk, Russia
Coordinates54°56′39″N 20°08′49″E / 54.944107°N 20.146877°E / 54.944107; 20.146877Coordinates: 54°56′39″N 20°08′49″E / 54.944107°N 20.146877°E / 54.944107; 20.146877
Other information
Station code103828[1]
Rebuilt1975, 2006
Previous namesRauschen-Düne

Svetlogorsk-II railway station (Russian: станция Светлогорск-II) is a railway station located in Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad oblast, Russia. It is a terminal station for the Kaliningrad — Svetlogorsk railway. Electric trains ES1 Lastochka and ET2M make a passenger trips from Svetlogorsk-II. The station is located in the town center[2].


The station Rauschen-Düne was opened on 6th May 1906 with the construction of the branch line from Rauschen-Ort (now Svetlogorsk-I railway station)[3]. Rauschen-Düne station was more convenient for passengers, as unlike Rauschen-Ort station it is located in the city center. In the 1920s, the popularity of the resort increased. There was a boom in construction. Building materials were removed to Rauschen by trains. The number of passenger trains also increased to 12-15 at the weekend.

At the end of the Second World War, the rolling stock was removed from East Prussia. Tracks, overpasses, water and power equipment were put out of order. Repair works continued until 1947. After the war the first train from Kaliningrad arrived to Svetlogorsk-II station in 1947.

New station building was built in 1975. It was decorated with three-dimensional mosaic reliefs in the style of socialist realism by the works of artists Nikolai Frolov, Oleg Atroshchenko and Albert Shestakov. Svetlogorsk-II station was electrified DC and equipped with automatic train protection in 1976[4]. By the 2000s the station building not only needed major repairs, but also ceased to meet the aesthetic and architectural requirements of the main resort of the region and the requirements for stations with intensive passenger traffic. In December 2006, a new station building was constructed. It has a waiting room for 150 people, six ticket offices, buffets and rest rooms[5].


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