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Svetlyak class Vietnam.jpg
A Svetlyak-class patrol boat in Vietnamese service.
Class overview
Name: Svetljak (Svetlyak) Class
Builders: Almaz shipbuilding company, Yaroslavl shipbuilding company, East Shipyard (Vladivostok)
In commission: 1988 (Russian Navy)
Completed: 40
Active: 38
General characteristics
Type: fast patrol boat
Displacement: 375 tons full load ( 390 tons for project 10411 )
Length: 49.5 metres (162'4").
Beam: 9.2 metres (30'2").
Draught: 2.2 metres (7'2").
Propulsion: 3x Zvezda ZE M520 diesel engines with 16200 hp
Speed: up to 30 knots (Full Speed), 13 knots ( Economical )
Range: 2200 miles at 13 knots.
Endurance: 10 days
Crew: 28 crew plus up to 14 passengers

Svetljak-class patrol boats (NATO name "Svetlyak") are patrol boats designed and built in Russia, and mostly used by the Russian Navy in various missions.


The patrol boats in the Svetljak-class are designed to carry out a variety of missions, from patrol missions to prevent violations of maritime state border, to protect friendly vessels and facilities from enemy surface and air attacks. The Svetljak class consists of 3 types:

  • Project 10410 – Patrol boat operated by the Russian Navy and Maritime Border Guard – 32 ships in service + 2 ordered ( Last in a series ).
  • Project 10411 – Missile boat offered for export armed with 8 SS-N-25 anti ship missiles
  • Project 10412 – Gun boat version for export to Slovenia and Vietnam

The patrol boats are constructed with a steel hull and aluminum superstructure. The boats have NBC warfare protection and can survive with 2 compartments flooded. The patrol boats engine room is coated with a vibration damping material.[1]


Rockets and Artillery[edit]

On boats constructed by OJSC "Almaz":

On boats constructed by OJSC "Yaroslavl Shipbuilding Plant":

Navigation and Radio equipment[edit]

On boats constructed by "Almaz":

  • Shooting Control Radar SCR-123-01 or SCR-123-02c
  • Navigation Radar NR-212/201 or "Pal-N" or "Liman" or Inertial Navigation System "Horizon-25"
  • On-boat satellite Navigation System — GLONASS SN-3101
  • Communication System "Buran-6E" or "Ruby-E"
  • Radio systems, which fulfill GMDSS requirements

On boats constructed by OJSC "Yaroslavl Shipbuilding Plant":

  • Optoelectronic Control System OCS-521 "Foreshortening"
  • GAHC-1 "Pastilschik-D"
  • Magnetic Compass CM-69M2
  • Electromagnetic Chip Log ECL2-2
  • Satellite Navigation System GLONASS
  • Receiver-indicator RI-5F
  • Automatic Position Plotter AP-5
  • Direction Finder DF




  • Slovenian Navy. One Russian vessel transferred to the Slovenian Navy as payment for debt and named Triglav.


Svetlyak class patrol boat users

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