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For information on the raion in Kiev, see Sviatoshyn Raion.

Sviatoshyn (Ukrainian: Свято́шин, Свято́шино, Свято́шине) is a historical neighborhood of Ukraine's capital Kiev that is located in place of a former settlement which was included in the city back in 1919.

Historical Sviatoshyn[edit]

Old dacha architecture in Sviatoshyn

The name Sviatoshyn is derived from the nickname of Prince Svyatoslav Davydovych of Chernihiv, Svyatosha (meaning godly, religious), who received the neighbourhood (then a distant village) as gift in the 12th century. Literally, the name can be translated as "property of Svyatosha". Later, it became a large suburb to the west of Kiev. Since 1939, Svyatoshyn village is a part of Kiev.

The neighborhood was connected by metro in 1970 when the Sviatoshyn station was opened.

Many industries reside in Svyatoshyn, including the gigantic site of the Antonov aircraft manufacturing and services company complex and the Sviatoshyn Airfield.

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