Svinoy, Caspian Sea

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This article is about the island in Azerbaijan, Caspian Sea. For the island in the Faroe Archipelago, see Svínoy.
Sangi Mugan
The Cossack Stenka Razin in the Caspian Sea (Vasily Surikov)
The Cossack Stenka Razin in the Caspian Sea (Vasily Surikov)
Svinoy is located in Caspian_Sea
Coordinates: 39°45′N 49°35′E / 39.750°N 49.583°E / 39.750; 49.583
Country Azerbaijan
Region Absheron Region

Svinoy, Sangi-Mugan Island or Muğan daşı (Azerbaijani: Səngi Muğan, Russian: Ostrov Svinoy), is an island in the Caspian Sea located south of Baku, Azerbaijan.


This island lies south of the Baku Archipelago, 16 km off the shore. Svinoy is about 1 km in length and 0.6 km wide.[1] Although geographically quite far from Baku, This island is considered part of the Baku Archipelago.

On Svinoy Island, there is an automatic station for the monitoring of local water pollution.[2]


Stenka Razin's Cossacks crushed the fleet of the Safavid Shah Suleiman I of Persia in the waters off Svinoy Island in 1669.[3] The southern bay of the island is an ideal place for underwater archaeology.[4]


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