Svislach (Berezina)

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Svislach River
The River Svislach in Minsk, Belarus.jpg
Svislach in downtown Minsk
Country Belarus
Physical characteristics
Main source Grodno Region, Belarus
River mouth Biarezina
Length 327 km (203 mi)
  • Average rate:
    30 m3/s (1,100 cu ft/s)
Basin features
Basin size 5,160 km2 (1,990 sq mi)

Svislach, or Svislač[1] (Belarusian: Свіслач, pronounced [ˈsʲvʲisɫatʂ] (About this sound listen)) or Svisloch (Russian: Свислочь) is a river in Belarus, a right tributary of the Biarezina river. It is 327 km in length. The name is derived from the root -visl- 'flowing,' of Indo-European origin (compare the Vistula River).[2]

Svislach flows through Minsk, the capital of Belarus.


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Coordinates: 53°54′39″N 27°33′14″E / 53.910833°N 27.553889°E / 53.910833; 27.553889