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The Svorak Keyboard layout

Svorak is one of many[1][2][3][4] Swedish versions of the Dvorak keyboard layout.

The Svorak layout places the three extra Swedish vowels (å, ä and ö) on the leftmost three keys of the upper row, which correspond to punctuation symbols on the English Dvorak layout. This retains the original English DVORAK design goal of keeping all vowels by the left hand, including Y which is a vowel in Swedish.

The displaced punctuation symbols (period and comma) end up at the edges of the keyboard, but every other symbol is in the same place as in the standard Swedish QWERTY layout, facilitating easier re-learning. This major design goal also makes it possible to "convert" a Swedish QWERTY keyboard to SVORAK simply by moving keycaps around.

Unlike Norway, there’s no standard Swedish Dvorak layout and the community is fragmented.[1] Another Swedish Dvorak analog, sv_dvorak, keeps the punctuation symbols as they were in the English version. The first extra vowel (å) is placed in the far left of the top row while the other two (ä and ö) are placed at the far left of the bottom row.

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