Svyatoslav Loginov

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Svyatoslav Loginov

Svyatoslav Vladimirovich Vitman, primarily known under the pen name Svyatoslav Loginov (Russian: Святослав Логинов, Святослав Владимирович Витман) (born October 9, 1951 in Ussuriysk, Russia (then Voroshilov, USSR)) is a Russian writer. He writes mostly science fiction.[1][2][3]

His first publication was in 1975, in Uralsky Sledopyt (Ural Pathfinder) magazine.[2] Loginov defines himself as a convinced atheist. These motifs run through many of his works.



  • Многорукий бог далайна (Polyhand God of Dalain, 1995)
  • Чёрная кровь (Black Blood, 1996) with Nick Perumov
  • Колодезь (Well, 1997)
  • Земные пути (Terrestrial Ways, 1999)
  • Чёрный смерч (The Black Tornado, 1999)
  • Картёжник (The Gambler, 2000)
  • Свет в окошке (A Light in the Window, 2002)
  • Имперские ведьмы (Imperial Witches, 2003)
  • Атака извне (Attack from Outside, 2005) with Boris Zelenskiy
  • Дорогой широкой (On the Broad Road, 2005)
  • Россия за облаком (Russia Behind the Cloud, 2007)