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Swabr GmbH
Industry Enterprise Microblogging
Founded December 2010
Headquarters Berlin, Germany
Key people
Yildan Ates
Lukas Pfeiffer
Website swabr.com

Swabr is an enterprise microblogging service for companies, organizational and educational institutions located in Berlin, Germany. The service launched in December 2010.[1]

Swabr combines elements from Facebook (restricted network) as well from Twitter (short messages) merging into one single communication.[2] On swabr each company has its own closed and private network for employees[3] with a verified email address for internal corporate communication in real-time.


The central element of swabr are short messages, the so-called status updates. Users answer the question "What are you working on?" with short, internal notifications.[4] Employees, colleagues and supervisors can keep each other up-to-date with minimal effort.[5] Each member of a corporate network can read and comment on the messages. This internal corporate communication is originated in real-time. Swabr makes it possible to address a notification to one specific person. When entering the @-symbol, all colleagues in the network are automatically suggested to the user.

The feed is the activity stream of each user and displays all relevant and/or corresponding messages in chronological order. My Feed is the main part of swabr. The entire corporate communication takes place here.[6] All messages published by the user, as well as the participating colleagues' notifications are shown here one below the other. Status updates with the latest comment will automatically be displayed at the top of the page and therefore will be brought into focus.

Users can attach one or more files to a message. The separate area "content" clearly shows all files including the related comments that have been shared by all users of a corporate network.

Topics, also known as tags, are a way to organize and retrieve messages within a network. Identification with keywords is done by a preceding #-sign. Clicking on a topic displays all messages containing that keyword.


Swabr was foundet in December, 2010, by Ayhan Kocak, Luis Höfer and Lukas Pfeiffer.[7] After two successful tests, the public version was presented in 2011.[8] The name swabr is derived from the German term “Schwarzes Brett 2.0", which means “bulletin board 2.0." Swabr was crowd-funded by Companisto. As of August, 2013, more than 2,500 companies from more than 100 countries worldwide are using swabr.[9] Since 2014 Yildan Ates is the new managing director of swabr.[10]

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