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Ohio University Press
Parent company Ohio University
Founded 1947
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Athens, Ohio
Distribution Chicago Distribution Center (US)[1]
Combined Academic Publishers (EMEA, Asia, the Pacific)
Scholarly Book Services (Canada)[2]
Publication types Books
Imprints Swallow Press
Official website www.ohioswallow.com

Ohio University Press (OUP), founded in 1947, is the largest scholarly press in the state of Ohio. It is a department of Ohio University that publishes under its own name and the imprint Swallow Press. The press publishes 50 books annually and has a back catalog of over 1,200 titles.[3] Ohio University Press entered into a licensing agreement with Swallow Press in 1979, eventually acquiring the imprint and its back catalog of 276 titles in 2008.[4] The Hollis Summers Poetry Prize, named for the former Ohio University faculty member and poet, is awarded annually by Ohio University Press.[5]


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