Swami Chidbhavananda

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Swami Chidbhavananda
Religion Hinduism
Founder of Sri Ramakrishna Tapovanam
Philosophy Vedanta
Born Chinnu
(1898-03-11)11 March 1898
Pollachi in Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu, India
Died November 16, 1985(1985-11-16) (aged 87)
Thirupparaithurai in Tiruchirapalli District, Tamil Nadu, India
Guru Swami Shivananda

Self-perfection is the goal of life.

Swami Chidbhavananda (March 11, 1898 - November 16, 1985) was born in Senguttaipalayam near Pollachi in Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu, India.[1] His parents named him 'Chinnu'. He studied in Stanes School, Coimbatore. He was one of the two Indians in his class, the rest being British. His parents wanted him to go to England after completing his degree in Presidency College, Chennai.

While making arrangements for his travel abroad, he came across a book about Swami Vivekananda's philosophy. The book had a profound impact on his mind. He started visiting Ramakrishna Math in Mylapore often and had discussions with Swamijis. Finally, he decided to become a novice and went to Ramakrishna Mission in Belur, West Bengal. His guru was Swami Shivananda who was a direct disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

As per the wish and advice of Swami Sivananda, he returned to Tamil Nadu and established an Ashram near Ooty. In the early forties (1942), he established Sri Ramakrishna Tapovanam in Tiruparaithurai, Tiruchi district.[2] Since then, Tapovanam has established several educational institutions[3] in Tamil Nadu and propagates the ideals of Ramakrishna and Vivekananda through religious and social activities such as book publishing.

Swami Chidbhavananda has authored more than a hundred books in Tamil and English. His books address a variety of topics ranging from deep philosophical enquiry to contemporary social life.

He wrote many dramas based on ancient Hindu scriptures that are performed by students. He died in 1985. C. Subramaniam,[4][5] was his nephew.

Educational Institution's founded by Swami Chidbhavananda[edit]

Vivekananda College, Madurai, a Gurukula Institute of Life-training in 1971.

Sri Sarada Education Institutions, Salem in 1950.[6]

Sri Sarada College for women, Thirunelveli.[7]

Sri Sarada Samithi, Madurai.

Swamy Chidbhavananda Matric Hr. Sec School, Pollachi.

Sri Sarada Niketan College of Science for Women, Karur[8]

Books by Swami Chidbhavananda[edit]

Swamiji delivered more than 70,000 talks on religious harmony, Hinduism. He is author of more than 130 books and compiled and edited 30 books.

The Bhagavad Gita (Translation and Commentary)

Sri Lalithambika Sahasranama Stotram (Commentary)

Siva Sahasranama Stotram (Commentary)

Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram (Commentary)

Facts of Brahman

The Indian National Education

Daily Divine Digest

Mind and Spirituality

Key to Higher Life

My Dear Students - A Counsel

The Nursery School

The Teacher

The Student

The School

Sri Krishna - The Manifest Divinity

Tirukkural (Commentary)

Hinduism Hosts Christianity

Bible in the Life of Vedanta

Reminiscences of Master Mahashaya


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