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Paramahamsa Nithyananda.jpg
Bornc. 1977–1978 (around age 41 as of 2018)
Founder ofNithyananda Dhyanapeetam
PhilosophyAdvaita Vedanta
Religious career

A Rajasekaran,[1] known popularly as Nithyananda (also called Paramahamsa Nithyananda, born c. 1977–1978 in Tiruvannamalai, India) is an Advaita Vedanta Hindu self-styled godman.[2][3][4][5] He is believed by his disciples to be an avatar – a reincarnated deity (named Mahasadashiva). He is the founder of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, which is based in India but has devotees on a broader international scale,[6] with temples, gurukulas, and ashrams in many countries. Various legal controversies involving Nithyananda – both accused and accusing – have appeared in Indian and occasionally international press; many are still unresolved as of June 2018. His name is sometimes given with various honorific titles, as in "H.H. Sri Nithyananda", and "Swami-ji Nithyananda".

Early life

Nithyananda was born with the name Rajasekaran, in Tiruvannamalai, in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India, to father Arunachalam and mother Lokanayaki.[1] Sources conflict as to his birth date – even in official documents provided by Nithyananda. His passport and a 2003 US visitor visa gave a date of 13 March 1977, while 2010 Karnataka High Court documents showed a date of 1 January 1978.[1]


Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, a religious organisation founded by Nithyananda, regularly hosts cultural events related to Hinduism in the United States.[7][8][9][self-published source] They have also set two Guinness world records, one in rope yoga[10] and one in pole yoga (mallakhamba).[11]

Swami Nithyananda's organization claims that he and his inducted disciples have spiritual powers, including kundalini awakening and third-eye awakening[12][13][14] He has claimed that there are 400 extraordinary spiritual powers which can be expressed by humans and has claimed to have initiated his disciples into 60 such powers.[15] He and his followers claim to be able to perform paranormal phenomena like extrasensory perception[16][17][18] and materialisation, body scanning,[13] distance vision, and ability to find lost objects.[19]His speeches have gathered widespread negative reception by the media.[20][21][22][23]

In February 2013, the title of Mahamandaleshwar was conferred on Nithyananda in a closed ceremony by the Panchayati Mahanirvani Akhara.[24][25]

On 23 January 2019, a child disciple of Nithyananda, claimed to have initiated 82 students afflicted by varying stages of blindness at a blind school in Vastrapur area of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, into the power to see using the third eye, and claimed that  - 'there will be no more blind kids.'[26][27]


Sex Tape

In 2010, Sun TV released a sex tape of him and his follower actress Ranjitha which let to a wide spread criticism. Though Nithyananda and Ranjitha have claimed the video is false, The Forensic Sciences Laboratory in Bengaluru had confirmed that Nithyananda and Ranjitha indeed were the two people shown in the tape. [28][29]

Nithyananda's ex-driver Lenin Karuppan owned up to filming his 'guru' and Ranjitha clandestinely. Karuppan was a close aide of Nithyananda. A Mid-Day report from July 2010 says that Karuppan apparently confessed to his Swami the reason why he filmed him. Karuppan, who considered himself a dedicated and sincere disciple of Swami Nithyananda, lost faith in his guru after seeing him sleeping around with other women.

Rape accusation

He was accused of raping a disciple over a nearly five-year period, during her stay in the ashram. In June, 2018 a Karnataka trial court framed charges against Nithyananda. He faces trial under Sections 376 (rape), 377 (unnatural sex), 420 (cheating), 114 (criminal abetment), 201 (disappearance of evidence, giving false information), 120B (criminal conspiracy), and other charges under the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Along with Nithyananda, several ashram associates are also facing charges in this case. All of the accused pleaded not guilty except for one who was absent from court.[30][31]


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